Worlds Over Run 2 – 3D Printable Wargame Terrain

Worlds Over Run - Thorn Portal

We are down to just the LAST DAY for this excellent terrain by Eric Askune.  This latest Kickstarter introduces us to a new, blasted, desert world called Scorch.  There are remnants of  a previous civilization here but time, sand, and wind have mostly scoured the planet of the previous inhabitants.  These are represented by obelisks that have mostly weathered the test of time and new, Openlock compatible terrain tiles.  These are much larger than standard dungeon tiles allowing you to create a diverse and living battlefield using these modular tiles.

Along with Scorch, we see new terrain for the Thorn World with some pretty amazing terrain featuring chitinous shells, maws with many, MANY teeth and even more expansions to the Thorn Hive creating a massive table centerpiece.  I’ve been lucky enough to print the Thorn Portal and my buddy Scott Stinger painted it for me.  

Worlds Over Run - Thorn Prime MiniI backed, and was subsequently totally blown away by the previous Kickstarter.  Eric has taken that and has been mad at work to finish this Kickstarter.  Eric even spent an hour going through and live sculpting a new terrain piece that he released to his backers called the Thorn Prime Mini  (and I quickly printed since it was so awesome looking).  Unlike the fully painted piece to the side, I have not had a chance to finish this piece, but I have primed it.

Earlier this month, I did an interview with Eric to find out more about his inspiration, his background, and what we can expect to find in this new Kickstarter.  (I sent it out shortly before he launched his Kickstarter).  For those that missed his previous Kickstarter, it is available as an add-on to this Kickstarter even.  We just have a few days to push it over the top and start unlocking some of the stretch goals! 

Watch the Facebook Video by Greg Genung

In addition to this, Greg Genung, better known as Greg_FL on Youtube, released a video showcasing the latest Worlds Over Run pieces. 

Photos of a couple of models from this Kickstarter

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