Tevo Flash Review Introduction

Over the years we have been lucky to have all of Tevo’s 3D printers. Starting with the  Tarantula, Black Widow, Little Monster, Tornado, Michelangelo, Flash and Tevos’s newest 3D Printer the Nereus. We got the Tevo Flash 98% assembled kit with BLTouch for auto leveling, TMC2208 drivers and also came with dual Z-axis lead screws. This 3D printer required minor assembly to get it up and going (construction within one hour). It comes with a full sized SD card for offline printing or via USB cable to your desktop computer/laptop. It uses an MKS Gen L control board with removable stepper drivers that you can upgrade.

The Flash has a 235mm x 235mm x 265mm print volume. Within the product description, it states max print speed of 200mm/s however the specification is typically unrealistic, and most users dramatically change there speed between 60mm/s to 80mm/s for better print quality. It uses a Bowden Titan extruder clone and a 0.4mm diameter nozzle on the volcano style hot end which is another clone(CLONES ARE US!).


It comes with the standard Tevo packaging. If you have never had one of there printers before, it comes with the foam cut-outs and snug fit. If you ever get one of there printers, everything arrives in place in their compartments. The packaging plays an important role here as the Tevo Flash uses a glass bed that is non-removable.

In Greek mythology, Nereus was the eldest son of Pontus (the Sea) and Gaia (the Earth), who with Doris fathered the Nereids and Nerites, with whom Nereuslived in the Aegean Sea.

Specifications Product Description
  • Large build volume
  • Specially designed fan shroud for efficient print cooling
  • BL-Touch upgrade option with pre-drill mounting holes
  • High precision bearing for accurate print dimension
  • Proximity sensor for better homing accuracy
  • Brand Name: TEVO
  • Model Number: TEVO Flash
  • Color Print Speed: Max 200mm/s
  • Layer resolution: 0.1mm
  • Control mainboard: MKS Gen L
  • Printing Size: 235x235x265mm
  • Special Feature: Silent Stepper Driver/BLTouch Upgrade
  • Extruder Type: Titan Extruder
  • Machine Weight: 8.5KG
  • Nozzle Type: Volcano
  • Printing filament: PLA/ASB/WOOD/Flex PLA/PVA/HIPS

Tevo Flash Flexible Options

Tevo is well known for giving you options you can go to the standard which would end up being the lowest price option or go all in so this makes the tevo flash affordable, so we have added it to top 10 3D printers under 350 USD

Bed Leveling

  1. Standard – no bed leveling probe comes with the basic marlin bed leveling
  2. BLTouch – Now tevo loves supporting Antclabs they are the makers of the BLTouch This sensor is a probe type sensor accurate

Stepper Driver

  1. Standard – TMC2208
  2. TMC2100 – TMC2100 are the quietest Pololu compatible stepper motor drivers currently available on the market


  1. Standard – T8*2 lead screw 375mm 8mm trapezoidal with NEMA 17 Stepper motors.
  2. Dual Z-Axis – two lead screws with two motors

Modding the Tevo Flash

There are many Printable and none printable mods out there for the Tevo Flash even though the flash in our eyes does not need any we have not tried out any of the bellow printable mods or none printable mods, but I would like to show you ones we have found.

Tevo Flash- Printable Mods

  1. Aero “Evolve” for Tevo Flash – After looking at this Printable Mod it seems to work on many 3D printers The flash of course also Tornado/ Creality CR10,s,Ender3/ Prusa Mk3 looks to be a big hot end assembly for using this a recommend dual z option on the flash you will need the E3D Titan Aero for this printable mod.
  2. Front Trays – At the front of the Tevo Flash at the left and right-hand side there is space well these mods make use of the area by adding trays to keep your tools tidy or if you want chips and dip if you’re hungry.
  3. Tevo Flash Cable Chain – this is a must-have printable mode for this printer it will help protect the bed cables putting less strain on the wires.
  4. Flash Complete 3D Model – Do you have parts of this 3D printer that you want to reprint maybe and change the color or parts that have broken well here are the files for them to print them.
  5. Tevo Flash Filament Guide – This mod will help the filament go where it is supposed to not a needed mod but will help
  6. Fan Board Cooling – Keeping those electronics cool cold temperature low or however, you want to call it is a perfect thing to do with this printable mod this will help keep the board cool.

Tevo Flash- None Printable Mods

  1. E3D Titan Aero – Titan Aero integrates the Titan extruder and V6 HotEnd into one neat little package. All the lightweight performance, reliability and usability of V6 and Titan, along with some benefits all of its own.
  2. Filaprint Print Surface – As we mentioned above this is a high print surface to use.
  3. Raspberry Pi 3 With Octopi – In our opinion, any 3D printer needs the Raspberry Pi 3 with an octopi setup to find an explanation more about octopi head over to there website.
  4. 3DPC Diamondized Nozzle – Depending on your hot end setup and the resolution you want you will need to choose the correct 3d printer nozzle for your installation I have heard excellent things about this nozzle precision and not easy to wear.

Tevo Who Are We

Are you looking for more information about the Tevo company, you can check out these articles/videos about there products and there team.

A Few Month Later- Bad Points

Print Adhesion

Before we start with the right parts, let’s get the bad out of the way. We noticed when doing the first few prints on the glass that it wouldn’t stick very good. This resulted in a lot of failed prints lifting from the build plate and midway through.

The methods that had been used to get it to stick were, blue painter tape as you know you may have to replace after every model. Even tried the cheapest glue stick this didn’t work at all, then it came down to using the chines glue that you get from some 3D printer companies, this worked perfectly.

Elmers Glue!

However, the mistake we did was to change to the glue that was working to Elmer’s glue, the biggest mistake ever made especially for glass! Elmer’s glue is one of the good brands out there, so we thought to give it ago well… this made the prints stick so much that it took much force using the scraper provided to prise it off the bed plate. In the end, it came off after around 15-20 minutes later with a cracked bedplate.

One last thing with the Biqu Magician you do get the Chinese glue stick with it.

Blue Painters Tape
Stationery Store Glue Stick
151 Glue Stick
Chinese Glue Stick
Elmers Glue Stick

You could probably use Elmer’s glue if you don’t put too much on and don’t squish your first layer, keep a reasonable distance from the nozzle and the print bed. Oh, I forgot to say that it is my first time printing with glass so I will learn by all the mistakes made! So just now we have to take the print surface of the bed that is leaving a metal plate, but we need to get acetone to clean all the residue left from the glue that is on the bed plate.

Tevo Flash Glass Bed Surface
Tevo Flash Bare Print Surface

This is a dramatic change from the Tevo Tornado and the Tevo Nereus that had a sticker on the print bed, which was to sticky. Especially on the Tornado prints stuck to it too much and eventfully after a couple of 3D prints, nothing would hold we don’t know if the Tornado print surface has been updated, but this is not a review about the Tornado or the Nereus. There is a review coming up on the Nereus soon so stay tuned.


If anyone has used this before you’ll recognize that it’s quite high-priced. For the Tevo Flash (235x235mm) the price is £52.73 and for the Tevo Tornado (310x310mm) £82.54. This print surface is excellent, once heated the primary layer adhesion is firm! When cooling the finished components are removed avoiding harm to the parts. It is coated with an ultra-thin transfer layer means that last up to 2-5 years. The result is a flat, smooth, clean mirror finish. There are no residues of sprays glues or tapes to worry about as you won’t need to use them.

The only drawback I believe to the present is the quantity of money you pay for one sheet. You’d expect it to be removable. However, to make it removable get some glass, we highly recommend borosilicate it’s flat and has excellent adhesive options compared to the traditional or mirror glass. Hey presto then add filaprint onto it, you’ve got yourself a removable print surface.

“This is not a sponsorship, we just like the FilaPrint surface a lot

Ringing / Ghosting

Tevo Flash 3D Printer Ringing 3D Printz Crystal PLA

Ringing, typically called ghosting or rifle, is when lines or features on a 3D print appear to repeat themselves across the surface of the model. It’s usually quite refined, thus the term “ghosting”, however, it can ruin or give you a different effect on your model. Often, it can occur around sharp corners.

What Causes RingingTevo Flash 3D Printer Ringing 3D Printz Crystal PLA

Too many vibrations cause this. When moving parts, like the print head, change direction or speed, parts of the printer resonate, thus producing irregularities on the print’s finish.


There are many different methods to fix this issue from tightening belts, lowering acceleration, a stable base and dropping your jerk settings down. The process that worked for us was reducing the acceleration and lowering the jerk. You can change this setting on the LCD Screen or by editing your firmware. There is another way you can change the acceleration setting on your chosen slicer you can not change the jerk setting on S3D.

How to set the settings on the LCD screen. Acceleration Settings – Amax Y 1500, Jerk Settings – Vy Jerk 5 You can turn the settings down for each print you start. Or if you have EEPROM enabled, you can save your settings.

LCD Screen Settings-

Tevo Flash Control
Tevo Flash Motion
Tevo Flash Control Menu
Tevo Flash Acceleration
Tevo Flash Jerk

Simplify3D Setting

Like I said above you can only change the acceleration, not the jerk settings. Please remember after every edit updates your profile and make a backup. This will keep everything correct. You don’t want to lose these settings. I have not fine-tuned the parameters on Simplify3D for the Tevo Flash yet, don’t go by the settings below this is to show where the parameters are.

Simplify3D Main Screen
Simplify3D Process Speeds
Simplify3D Default Printing Speed
Simplify3d xy Speed

Tevo Flash The Big Print

Tevo Flash 3D Printed Big Unicorn
Tevo Flash 3D Printed Big Unicorn
Tevo Flash 3D Printed Big Unicorn
Tevo Flash 3D Printed Big Unicorn

We won’t go into much detail on this substantial 3D Printed Unicorn! However, I’ll provide you with some information on the TWO main issues. Most of the parts were 3D printed on the Tevo Flash, some of the other parts were on the Tevo Little Monster and Tevo Tornado, there will be an article on this.

ONE- The problem here was that we only wanted to print the unicorns head. Therefore we didn’t keep the remainder of the sliced parts. Once more we sliced the unicorn to get the rest of the pieces to the correct dimensions. Its always good to keep all the sliced pieces from your model, in case you want to do a full model.

TWO- On the Tevo Little Monster the parts kept cracking, this was thanks to the unhealthy filament. We didn’t have enough time to keep restarting the print, so we went with the flow. This meant additional post-processing, using more materials and time. To prevent your filament from doing this, it needs to be stored correctly or use a filament dryer.

What’s On The Cards For Tevo Flash- ChocoL3D?

Versatility – Compatible with the maximum number of 3D printers Prusa, Anet, Creality, Tevo, Ultimaker, Flyingbear, Geeetech, RepRap and many others

Printing speed – Allow printing as many products, as a possible place on the table at once using retraction moving from object to object

Edibility – The extruder made of aluminum and covered with a protective layer of titanium nitride. It ensures complete safety in contact with food, as well as the long service life of parts.


Apart from a couple of minor bad points that can easily be fixed, this printer one word fantastic. For some reason it is easier to talk about the bad points, this is because you can gather more information about this printer for the sole purpose of fixing the 3D printer issues. In our eyes grab yourself a bargain, you won’t regret it.

Do you want to buy the tevo flash head over to the tevo online store to buy the flash

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