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The latest campaign of 3D printable FDM optimised modular terrain has been brought to you with this Warlayer Kickstarter. With 763 backers that have a combined total of $48,764 towards their goal of just $99 far exceeding even their own wildest dreams.

WarLayer is the project of 3D Printing designer Andrew Askedall. He also has published some of the most widely downloaded free 3D models available today —sculpting provided by the gifted Mr Dustan Ross. Model painting and photography were done by Jason Krieger of Brookhammer. You can check out their site here.

WarLayer Sample Files Preview – Thingiverse

A few painted examples below. These were printed on a low-cost desktop FDM printer and then painted by a base coat of primer followed by airbrushing.

WarLayer Kickstarter 3D Printable TTG Terrain.
WarLayer Kickstarter 3D Printable TTG Terrain.
WarLayer Kickstarter 3D Printable TTG Terrain.
WarLayer Kickstarter 3D Printable TTG Terrain.

Games like Warhammer 40K, dungeons and dragons, can quickly become an expensive hobby, Warlayer is looking to change this.


Is Warlayer a Terrain Revolution or Revolutionary Terrain?

This Warlayer Kickstarter has come up with a new system. Being modular by design and using construction slots allows for limitless combinations of walls and corners to be used. To make structures, meaning the only limit is your imagination. Having more than 200 files already completed, tested for 3D printing without using supports. With this Warlayer Kickstarter, they are proving they are not messing around, and as with existing kits, the paintwork is all down to you.

Warlayer: Putting the Fantasy in Sci-Fi

Usually, this type of game takes place in the futuristic scenery. Warlayer has introduced some Medieval and Gothic buildings into the mix. A choice that will be sure to please the Dungeon and Dragons players and add a new dimension to other games. Already a following for the Warlayer terrain is building with its Printing and Painting group on Facebook

WarLayer Kickstarter 3D Printable TTG Terrain.

Kickstarter – All the Worlds a modular stage.

With the diverse nature of the Warlayer Kickstarter, it has a vast array of models available and has different stages that are to be released. All depending on the total raised, the higher the sum, the more complex the release.

Here is a table outlining the stages:

Amount Released STLS
5k Modular Shipping Containers
10k  Customisable Signs
15k  Modular Ramps
20k  Tank Traps
30k  Wall Crane:
40k Modular Gothic Roofs
50k  Roof Satellite Dish:
60k  Building accessories
80k Train Station:
100k  Modular Cathedral 

Final Thoughts on this modular marvel?

Andrew Askedall is, without doubt, a talented designer and the Warlayer universe is set to expand beyond everyone’s expectations with this Kickstarter. It looks like the likes of Games workshop will need to keep an eye on this competitor.

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