Kill Team 3D Printable Terrain

This guide will look more specifically at Killteam terrain.  Most of this would work great for Necromunda, so I’ll lump them together. That being said, the difference between Sci-Fi genres boils down to how much weathering and how clean the pieces look.  This is third guide of this kind.  You can find the previous guides here.

Greebles are always great, because they let you add features to larger structures easily.  Ladders, hatches, computer terminals, and more. 

Modular Terrain is a good way to get a lot of diversity with a lot less materials and time.

Full Terrain Pieces may take longer to print, but then you have a completed piece that you put on the game table, ready to play.

Other Fun Stuff are 3D Printable things that add that extra something to your games.  Maybe not exactly terrain, but cool to have.

Freebie Collections are a couple of Thingiverse collections that feature terrain for Kill Team or have a definite Sci-Fi theme

Greebles – Make every piece of terrain POP.

Terrain 4 Print - GreeblesTerrain 4 Print Greebles

Terrain 4 Print’s Sci-Fi armored barracks has a set of greebles as well.  These are ornamentation for the barracks, but work well on many other terrain pieces.  This is probably the oldest greeble pack I own.  These work really good for adding windows to buildings, doors, and other things like that.  


Builder's Greebles Pack 2 by Corvus GamesCorvus Games Terrain Greebles

Corvus Games terrain has not one, not two, but THREE packs of Greebles.  (Though, I think he stretches “greebles” a bit far with a couple of items in his Urban bundle).  The Builder’s Greebles Pack and Builder’s Greebles Pack 2 have more conventional Sci-Fi looking pieces to 3D Print and fit to your terrain to give it that bit of additional detail. These are at very low prices as well, so you are not making a major outlay for a bunch of greeble parts.  

Necroplex Greebles

Cold Brew STudios – Greebles to make all kinds of terrain

Cold Brew Studios was one of the earlier Kickstarters out there.  This is basically a huge Greeble pack that lets you build terrain with standard hobby materials like foamcore, dowels, and even soda cans.  Some of the stuff can be used independent, but this one really is designed to use other standard hobby materials.  They have several packs available.  The City Pack, The Canister Pack, and The Forge Pack.  There are a ton of choices in these packs. This pack gives you far more options than the other packs, but it is also very different in the complete integration of standard hobby materials.  



Greebles by MiscastMiscast Greebles

The first Greeble set comes from Miscast.  This is a large set that include all kinds of pieces to add to buildings, vehicles and other terrain pieces.

As you can see from the image, there are a large selection of greebles to use in a myriad of builds.





Modular Terrain

Modular terrain lets you print several pieces and then put it together in several different ways.  This makes putting together a table easier, in that you don’t need to print out as many pieces.  Here are a few modular terrain pieces that will let you build up your game board. I also love that you can print these walls vertical, allowing me to print more on the build plate at once.

Warlayer 4.0Warlayer 4.0Warlayer 4.0

I’m going to start out with one of my favorite designers.  The Warlayer  system is the first 3D Printable terrain I backed on Kickstarter.  The latest Warlayer 4.0 “system” is a fully modular system.  It includes a number of vertical posts that hold together the various walls and ceilings/floors.  His designs have a very Necromunda type feel to them, but work great in any sci-fi setting, depending on the amount of weathering done. 

Skraplandz - Complete Bundle

Skrap Landz – Warlayer 4.0 compatible

Skraplands came out just after Warlayer 4.0.  This extends the usability of the Warlayer 4.0 set to add a ton of additional walls, floors, ceilings, and even uprights to hold it all together.  This one concentrates on a more run-down theme with the Skrap and Concrete bundles.  




Sector Corvus Prime 3D printable terrain

Sector Corvus Prime Modular Building

Sector Corvus Prime – Warlayer 4.0 compatible

The final modular terrain piece that is compatible with Warlayer 4.0 comes from Corvus Games Terrain.  Sector Corvus Prime was going a different direction and pivoted when Warlayer 4.0 released.  They were originally larger pieces with OpenLOCK connectors.  By adding in Warlayer 4.0 compatibility, this set of terrain gained a lot more utility, overall.  


Full Terrain Pieces

The previous 2 sections require a lot of building.  This section is going to be a lot of pre-build items.  Some may have seperate floors, but for the most part, it’s a just a few parts to build a large building.  My first Killteam game was played using primarily the 3D Printed terrain from Warlayer.  

WarLayer- Zone One

Warlayer Zone One parts printed by me

Warlayer – Zone One

It’s hard to find a better collection of great printable ruined city terrain than Warlayer – Zone One.  This is another massive undertaking by Andrew that gives you a ton of options.  Honestly, this is one that you can get caught up in so many choices, you have a hard decision in choosing what you want.  This one actually includes a few greebles as well like the computer terminals.  For Kill-Team, this is my go-to set to figure out what to print.  From elevated roads, to bombed out buildings, to full-intact buildings, this really has everything to get you started. 

3rD Army Terrain: Necrossia - 3D Printable Terrain

ProtoKraken – Necrossia – 3rD Army Terrain

If you tire of the Grimdark 40K designs of the humans, there are other alien worlds to explore.  A more recent entrant is ProtoKraken’s Necrossia terrain set.  This is more of a Space Zombies or Necron feel giving you more choices.  This was fairly successful on Kickstarter and the designer has expressed a desire to build onto the 3rD Army Terrain brand to have more races represented in terrain.  

Wardroid Graveyard - 3D Printable Scenery

Wardroid Graveyard – When nature reclaims civilization

I’ll admit, this one is a little bit of a stretch, but I could definately see a Killteam slinking through this area to avoid the main enemy force and another enemy unit comes into contact.  This is a ruins area, that has been mostly reclaimed by nature.  The theme of the pieces have always been very interesting to me.  They look really good.  If you want something a little different than the normal urban raids, this may be the terrain set for you.

Cochin Industrial DistrictCochin Industrial District – More great terrain for Killteam or Necromunda

The great part of about the Chochin Industrial District terrain set, is that it really has a number of uses.  Much of it could be used in a modern war game, easily fit in a Star Wars: Legion board,  but with the right paint and weathering would also be perfect on a Necromunda or Kill Team board.  You can find these, and a WHOLE lot more over at Imperial Terrain.  If you are really in need of a diverse set of 3D printable terrain, Imperial Terrain has you covered.


Something a little more fun

What about other stuff for terrain.  This is less standard, more fun interesting/fun items to put on the table. 

2nd Dynasty – Space Shuttle AlphaSpace Shuttle Alpha from 2nd Dynasty

If you want to deploy from a shuttlecraft, the Space Shuttle Alpha has you covred.  This great model has a fully realized interior and you could deploy your troops directly, in the style of Xcom.  These have all been amazing spaceships.  There are a number of variations on this ship and a number of other spaceships you can 3D Print from 2nd Dynasty.  The modeler is another top tier designer and is very active on his Discord channel, taking customer feedback.  





BattleFX – Effects for your models to crank the knob to 11

Deadly Print Studio came onto the scene last year with a very inventive product.  Special effects for your models.  Molecular shields rippling to life as they protect the model.  Rocket barrages leaving the tubes with lines of trailing smoke, laser beams and more.  This is a terrific set of pieces to really up the dynamic nature of your miniatures.  


Freebie Collections

Thingiverse Curated CollectionsThingiverse Curated collections

There are a few of my curated collections I will highlight.  The first, is my Scatter Terrain : Sci-Fi collection.  This features a number of terrain pieces that fit in most Sci-Fi games.  My more specific collection is for Kill Team / Necromunda.  It features a number of terrain pieces that I feel fit the theme well, or are expressly designed for these games.  Finally, the Scatter Terrain – Universal collection is a collection of terrain pieces that fit across a number of different genres.  These tend to be more generic like rocks, trees, outcroppings, springs, and more.  I also have a collection of Sci-Fi miniatures. Have a look at the other collections I have, or check out all of the amazing artists that I follow with my account.  


I get asked regularly, what is the best printer.  The real answer, is it depends.  I put together this guide to help you learn about 3D Printing and what printer you should buy and other resources.  While this guide is great if you are interested in picking up your own 3D Printer, many of these designers also provide 3D Printed pieces. There are other resources if you don’t own a 3D Printer as well.  

This ends guide three.  I will continue to create more of these guides in the future.  Check back time to time.