Star Wars Legion 3D Printable Terrain – The Terrain Strikes Back

This is the FIFTH installment of my Star Wars Legion terrain guide.  Who would have known that this would turn into such a popular feature when I featured some arabic buildings from Terrain 4 Print.  Since then, Imperial Terrain has blossomed into the major STL maker for Star Wars Legion Terrain and now Corvus Games Terrain is also starting to create some very thematic and awesome printable buildings for Legion. I started this series 7 months ago just after Fantasy Flight Games announced their new Star Wars Wargame.  It’s actually pretty awesome to see how things have evolved over the past half year.

 Corvus Games Terrain

Turbolaser Defence Tower by Corvus Games Terrain for Star Wars Legion

Corvus is the new maker out there. He offers both printed terrain and STL files to print your own.  At the moment, he has 5 buildings available.  My personal favorite, is the Defense tower, but I’ve also gotten around to printing the Desert Tower and Small Desert House.  Along with these two, there is also the Speeder Garage and Imperial Government building.  Watch this site for great terrain, since he is producing some awesome stuff very regularly. 

Imperial Terrain

Boxes and Crates from Imperial Terrain for Star Wars LegionImperial Terrain was the first Terrain maker I was aware of that made 3D printable terrain primarily for Star Wars Legion.  Over the past several months that I have known Dave, he has gone from a few pieces of sci-fi/40k terrain and a modular building kit that was very Star Wars esque to… well, a lot more terrain.  The Modular Landing bay set is a massive amount of terrain, the Inspectors Office  looks suitably imposing, and the Mechanics House is just an awesome looking piece of terrain.  He also offers some objective terrain the form of crates and boxes, plus communications dishes, escape pod and more.  The terrain looks great, and Imperial Terrain offers both STL files and pre-printed pieces.

Terrain 4 Print

This is the reason I started creating these guides.  Markus is a talented modeler and made some terrain I thought looked like it came right out of the video Fantasy Flight Games showed of their new Star Wars Wargame.  It seems that this was a popular idea and I have had these pages viewed thousands of times in the past 7 months.  They have been releasing new models each week, but of special note for Star Wars Legion is the Modular Gaming hills – Entrances.  This includes 2 blast doors for Star Wars Legion and other entrances fitting for other games.  Terrain 4 Print also offers a Starship Wreck to fight in and his recent Tikal Temple Grounds look like they come right out of Yavin 4.  

Printable Scenery

Sand Worm - Primed to Paint for Star Wars Legion - Sarlacc Pit

Sand Worm – Primed to Paint

Printable Scenery has some of the best looking 3D Printable scenery on the market.  I think a lot of their terrain is more 40K or “generic, grimdark”, that is not to say they don’t have a number of stand-out pieces for Star Wars Legion.  The most obvious example, is the Sand Worms.  Increase their scale 50% and you have a terrific Sarlacc pit piece of terrain.  Likewise, the Spawn Pods and Alien Desert Worms fit right in.  Finally, the Satellite Installation would also make a great terrain piece for an objective or cover.  I highly recommend just perusing this site.  They really do have some super talented designers on their staff.  


Kraken’s 3D Print Workshop

This is perhaps the smallest terrain maker on the list, but he makes some interesting stuff for games.  He has released some cool scaffolding/landing pad files that look pretty good for Star Wars Legion.  These fill in a piece that most of the above terrain does not really fit, and that is these open-air platforms you see in video games and in the movies.

Thingiverse – Free Star Wars Legion Terrain to Download

Hasty Defense Position for Legion - Imperial Terrain for Star Wars LegionI keep a curated list of Star Wars terrain on Thingiverse.  There is more added every day, though, so it is not 100% up to date.  There is also more generic scatter terrain  and many more items that can be downloaded.  I keep these, and many more collections curated for a multitude of games, and just because I think it fits in one collection, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t easily be perfect for another game.  I also follow a number of designers that make terrain.  These are another great resource for finding more terrain for Star Wars Legion.

Game Mats – Mats by Mars

Mats by Mars has a terrific selection of vinyl maps that can take you from Endor, to Jakku, to Hoth, to Tatooine and even Mustafar.  I actually ordered my mat from them recently, and it should be showing up this week.  Printing tiles to fill in a table is pretty cost prohibitive, so putting down these mats adds another element of terrain to your tables.

Audio – Plate Mail Games and Soundtracks

I love the immersion that music brings to games.  Who could really imagine Star Wars without the epic scores from the movies?  Some of the most iconic music in movies comes from Star Wars… which brings us to the most obvious form of music to play, MP3s of the sound tracks.  They are terrific background music.  If you want something a little more rich, I highly recommend Plate Mail Games, and their Sci-Fi tracks.  These are designed to be background audio, and go well beyond music.  You can create a blowing desert, or a scene rich with animal noises.  I like to mix some background music with backdrop audio of where the game is located.  I actually have a Pinterest board with additional audio resources.

Star Wars Legion is almost here!

As of today, it is 10 days from the wide release of Star Wars Legion.  I’ve been looking forward to this game now for over half a year.  I have printed basically a table full of terrain specifically for Legion over the previous several months.  I’ve even printed some for a couple of friends.  One day, I hope to even paint them!  I’ve gotten some starts, but I really need to finish them up.  This is Star Wars Legion Terrain guide 5.  You can find the rest of the guides I have written on the Star Wars Legion 3D Printable Terrain index page.  If you don’t have a 3D printer, and are contemplating what to pick up, never fear.  I have a guide written just for people like you.  It’s a 2-part guide that goes through what you need, how much you can spend, and helps you figure out the optimal printer for your needs.  These are the top pieces of terrain I have noticed for Star Wars Legion.  I also keep a directory of terrain modelers.  If you need a special piece, look through these pages.