Interview: Road to Adventure – With GameScape 3D

Roads to Adventure: STL Files for Large Primitive 3D Roads

Gamescape 3D is back with their fifth big Kickstarter.  This is the first one not to feature a fortress of some sort.  Instead, it brings you roads to connect between your fortresses and lonely wizard towers.  There are now 6 types of roads.  Swamp, Bad land, Low Land, High Land, King’s Road, and Simple.  Each one has a distinct style and feel.  In addition to that there are a couple of addons like the awesome-looking wagons and a swamp fort with Palisades (If you don’t back his Patreon).  A couple of freebies have come available during the campaign as well.  Read on to learn more about them. 

  • Roads To Adventure Scatter TerrainWhat miniatures games/RPGs do you play?Vast was the last game we played before quarantine. It was a lot of fun. Otherwise its mostly more popular games like Gloomhaven, Dominion, and Boss Monster. I have other ones like Scythe and Viticulture sitting in shrink-wrap.
  • How long have you owned a 3D Printer and been making terrain?Since fall of 2013… I think.
  • This is your fifth Kickstarter. What lessons have you learned in your past successes that you bring to this Kickstarter?I decided not to do any larger money add-ons till the end, and it has been a lot more enjoyable. It gives the campaign a transparent look, in terms of backers understanding project support. My friend Francois also outlined an approach for me to use for maintaining growth and interest on the campaign. It started on the last one but has come to fruition on this one. So far it has worked out. He was also singularly important in helping me understand how Kickstarter and a Patreon can build off each other.
  • How long have you been working on Roads to Adventure?The first roads I did were on the Citadel Campaign last spring, I guess that is really where it started.
  • How did you come up with this idea?The wagons and these specific roads are all Keith Hershey’s fault over at . The roads I made on Citadel were historically scaled and that is a bit small for RPG wagons. Keith helped me get the scale issues hammered out and I decided to just kickstart some larger roads. I noticed a wagon model shortage during this time as well.
  • What got you thinking about the additional addons like the Palisade Fort and Wagons?See the above question; ).The palisade is a concept I love and decided to revisit. I wanted to make a really beefy one that I could keep adding to through Patreon.
  • There are a ton of models you get for $10. I’ve noticed the Kickstarter has been doing well, but did you think you would be so close to 700 backers with just 3 days to go?I don’t know, I remember I thought it seemed reasonable before the pandemic. I only had stretch goals to 7k so I was expecting less support at this point.
  • Roads To Adventure Scatter TerrainIn this Kickstarter, you have a collaboration with Haldane Creations and Worlds over Run with the model work by Christopher Hershberger. How did that come about? How did the idea of the Dire Chicken come to be? (It’s a model I personally love).We’ve been talking about collaboration since the Tower campaign. The chicken idea was given to me by one of the superbackers who has supported a lot of people’s campaigns. I got the base campaign out to testers and persons of interest a month before launch, so there was time to take in a lot of feedback. Unfortunately, I had to leave a lot of ideas on the table due to time issues in the current world situation. Anyways, back on point, Chris does the model painting for Haldane and Worlds Over Run, but is also a VERY skilled modeler. He was interested in doing this idea. It is obviously a 100% promotional Dad joke monster. It is a real pleasure to have it handled so professionally and I think it adds to the humor.
  • Now that your Patreon has been running for a few months, how is the cross over between Patreon and Kickstarter? Are you seeing them remain very separate or are you seeing a lot of crossover of fans of your work?I’m not sure what the cross over is. Maybe 50% from Patreon to Kickstarter and 15% the other way. I’ll need to look at that later and see how many people hang on a few months from now. They are both important community building tools. Each one seems to make the other stronger. Again, I’ve been fortunate to have people in my life who have really guided me on this front.

I’d like to thank Jeremy for taking the time to answer some questions about his latest work on Kickstarter, Roads to Adventure.  With tons of Stretch Goals unlocked, this has become an incredible bargain (and it started out at a great bargain price of $10).  The great thing about roads, is they are ubiquitous.  No matter what era you are playing in, you will likely find old dirt roads that may cross the terrain you are on.  There really are not that many Kickstarters that are this incredibly versatile.  I hope you stop by and check out this amazing Kickstarter, maybe pick up the goodies that he has released for free as part of the Kickstarter and back it to get more cool unlocks for all of the backers.  (Disclaimer: I am a backer… I couldn’t pass it up for $10, plus, I had to get the wagons).