TEVO 3D Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. We are China-based in 3D Printer manufacturer that was established in 2015, this includes a team of design, R&D, production and sales team here at Tevo. They have the same mission to supply the simplest reasonable 3D Printer and supply one-stop 3D Printing answer to our customers.

With three years of speedy development, today we are privileged to attach with thousands of customers every day with superior merchandise and more than one hundred distributors in over thirty countries and regions. we believe in excellent product and repair are the keys to win customers support and expand the market.

We are proud to be one in all TEVO’s member, in TEVO huge family, we will “print” our dreams into reality, along we’ll create better work and a far better life.

Our Products


Professional merchandise is at the guts of everything we do. Our merchandise should be good and safe.TEVO’s 3d printers have passed international certifications CE,FCC and ROSH.



Zhanjiang China   Headquarter

9 Ruiyunnan Road West, Mazhang District

Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China, 524000

T  +86 0759 2193568

E  sales@tevo3dprinters.com

Shenzhen China

2707 Shijihui Duhuixuan,Futian District

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 518000

T  +86 0755 83257454

E  sales@tevo3dprinters.com

Milan Italy

Viale Monza 347, Milan 20126, Italy

T  +39 02 000000

E  sales@tevo3dprinters.com


Tevo Tornado Gold Edition Review- In it’s early iterations, it was plagued with quite a few issues such as ‘salmon-skin’ patterns on prints and boot up bugs that made it undesirable for some. Those days are in the past with the release of the Tevo Tornado Gold Edition.

Tevo Michelangelo Review- The Tevo Michelangelo is a great 3D Printer for someone that is just starting to get into 3D Printing  It has a low price and delivers high-quality prints!


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