The Terrain Directory

For 3D printed terrain, terrain tutorials, painting, and even miniatures.

As part of the site I have put together a 3D printed Terrain and Miniatures directory.  This is meant as a way to find places to acquire new STL files for your games, whether it is scatter terrain, dungeon tiles, miniatures, and more.  In the future, I will expand this terrain directory to include board games, once I figure out a good way to create a board game directory.  I try to include all information I can about an item.  From their web page, to discussion pages, to youtube channels, thingiverse pages, Patreon and Kickstarter pages as well as others.  Eventually, I’ll be adding ratings and comments on the terrain directory.  I’m hoping that this becomes a very valuable community resource and look forward to hearing feedback on how it works as well as resources I should add.  Community involvement will be the key to making this directory great. If you want to get some ideas on how to use the terrain, or learn to print 3d Terrain, don’t forget to check out my guide to 3D terrain for gaming.  Printing gaming terrain and dungeon tiles were the primary uses I had in mind when I purchased my Tevo Tarantula.  There is a loose mish-mash of sites out there, without a good central authority on where to find the models.  Please help me in creating that directory.