Mats By Mars + Precinct 187 – DC Batman Tabletop Made easy

 Z1 Design Ltd - Donut Shop

The sale is now over, but that doesn’t change the fact that Mats by Mars is a natural pairing with Z1 Design’s Precinct 187 terrain for a game like Batman.

This is one of those 3D Printing adjacent articles.  Mats by Mars has a sale going on through the weekend on their Crime Alley Maps.  If you don’t need 3 maps, get together with two of your buddies and split the costs!   These are perfect for the DC Batman Miniatures Game.  Combine these mats with the phenomenal work by Z1 Design and their Precinct 187 tabletop terrain, and you have the perfect terrain for a Batman Miniature Game

This sale for Mats by Mars is in celebration for the Batman 2nd Edition rules being released.  To get this deal, put 3 of the mats in your cart, and use the coupon code: HOLYDEALSBATMAN.  This deal goes from today (9/15/2017) to Monday (9/18/2017).  Buy 2, get one free on gaming mats is a great deal.  This is a terrific price, and combo if you want to take your DC Batman games to the next level.

Go to the Mats By Mars Website.

View the sale on Facebook.

If you are unsure about 3D Printing terrain, check out the article on 3D Printing Terrain for Tabletop Wargames.  This was written as part of a presentation given at a local game convention letting people know about 3D Printing terrain for their wargames.