A new desktop CNC has been launched this month through Kickstarter, the Infinix desktop CNC. It offers an affordable drawing, laser engraving, and milling tool. So far they have $2 pledged out of $5.000, only two backers and there are 14 days left.

The Infinix CNC is a machine which is proficient in drawing, laser engraving, and milling. This machine can handle all the stuff involving PCB’s, foam, acrylic, wood, and several others. It has a unique design and can do any kind of job given to it.

3-Axis Machine

Infinix desktop CNC is a 3-axis machine. The work area includes 300 mm along Y-axis and 210 mm long X-axis. There is a maximum movement of 80 mm across Z-axis. This tool contains a 5.5 W laser which can easily engrave acrylic, PCBs, and wood.  A team in the United States develops this device. The early bird inductees are accessible from 263 pounds or 325 dollars, and global deliveries can take place early in 2020.

The designs are made up of 3D printed parts intended for a stable assembly. To have smooth printing needs, we have done this. Every kit contains a holder for a marker or a pen for you. You can enjoy taking pictures with the Infinix CNC.  Also, you can upgrade your package to have the 12 V – 36 V DC Milling Motor and Laser Engraver 5.5 W and 10 W.

Infinix desktop CNC: Most Affordable Machine Kit!
Infinix desktop CNC: Most Affordable Machine Kit!
Infinix desktop CNC: Most Affordable Machine Kit!
Infinix desktop CNC: Most Affordable Machine Kit!

Colours of Infinix Desktop CNC

There are six different colours present, which include blue, green, yellow, red, pink, as well as blue. These colours are simple, but people look like if they are enjoying them. When you are back, you have to choose the pick the colour you wish for.

Features of Infinix CNC

There is a 5.5 Watt Laser that can engrave acrylic, PCB’s and wood etc. Alternatively, it can cut through cardboard, foam and other light stuff. On the other hand, it can cut through foam, cardboard, and other light materials. In our rewards section, we also have the option for you to choose a 10 Watt Laser as well for you to cut through wood, acrylic, etc.

The kits of Laser Engraving always present with a pair of glasses for safety to make sure that you still have eye protection during the process of the engraving! The Infinix desktop CNC is compatible with Arduino that can be upgraded easily with the other motherboards of CNC. And, the machine can run of Arduino and Arduino CNC Shields.

Risks and Challenges

The common threat that you may face is the shipping cost. Also, you should have the idea that global shipping can be a considerable struggle many times. But they can try the best for shipping it out as soon as you can. Other than this risk, there are no challenges or risks that you can face during the whole process.

Check out and enjoy the Infinix desktop CNC, and I hope you would enjoy using it!

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