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Via Ludibunda
Short Description: Makes a small number of 3D printable terrain for RPG and Wargames.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): DriveThru RPG Page
Valandar  / William Charles Chamberlin
Short Description: Valendar is a prolific modeler of great looking miniatures.
Patreon Site: Valendar on Patreon
YouTube Channel: : Valendar on Yotube
Short Description: He has several rock outcroppings in his store, as well as a few on Thingiverse. He goes a step further, and shows how he finishes them in some terrific video tutorials.
Website: Terrainify
Thingiverse Profile: Terrainify on Thingiverse
Stone Skull Studios
Short Description: Stone Skull Studios was officially established in January 2016 after its first successful Kickstarter campaign that same month. What began as small project to create gaming miniatures and supplements, has now grown to be one of the best miniature producers in the world.
Samantha Patterson / Roman Judea Wargaming Tiles
Short Description: In her description, Samantha says she combines her love of history and love of design to create printable tiles with historical context.
Short Description: Paul makes a number of HO scale, old west printable scenery (Buildings, and other pieces).
Thingiverse Profile: Paul's 3D Models on Thingiverse
Short Description: M3 Studios creates a number of terrain pieces for scifi to historical time periods.
Facebook Page: M3 Studios on Facebook
Lunesdargent Workshop
Short Description: Creators of dungeon tiles. Their first Kickstarter features Egyptian Themed tiles.
Kickstarter: Kickstarter Page
Laser Dream Works
Short Description: So far, they have had a kickstarter that features a Vauban Fortress Files.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Hero Forge
Short Description: We’re a recently Kickstarted company with one ambition: to provide amazing, detailed, and inspiring 3D printed, customizable miniatures. They now offer downloads of your mini to print at home.
Facebook Page: Hero Forge on Facebook
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Hayland Terrain / John Haywood
Short Description: 28mm Modular Buildings Is our latest Kickstarter, Providing you with Modern, Western, Steampunk & Wasteland Modular Buildings Using the OpenLOCK Connecting system for 3d printing. Hayland also makes a bunch of different tiles and scatter terrain as well as Gaslands Car parts. It covers pretty much all genres.
Facebook Page: Hayland on Facebook
Forlorn Hope Soldiers
Short Description: Creates scatter terrain for historic/fantasy games – Roman fort so far.
Falkenwelt Modellbau
Short Description: A multitude of fantasy models. Mainly scatter terrain.
Short Description: Fabio creates fantasy terrain for print. Most of his models are pretty universal representing trees, rock formations and ruins.
Eslo Terrain
Short Description: From Kickstarter:
For 16 years, I have been producing scenery, terrains and buildings for tabletop games and models in my company www.Esloterrain.com. The production takes place on CNC milling machines and laser machines and for a year also on 3D printers. More than 700 products have already been designed by me.
Website: Eslo Website
Facebook Page: Eslo on Facebook
Kickstarter: Eslo on Kickstarter