Building the Tevo Tarantula

Lets start with one word of warning.  DON’T USE LOCTITE.  Certain kinds can make Acrylic very brittle and prone to crack.  There are a few members of the Facebook Group that have met with this sad fate.  

You are excited… your palms are sweaty… and you cut the tape on your new printer.  You open the top and are presented with several well-packed layers of printer parts.  Now what!?  

First, look through the assembly manual.  This latest version is far better than previous versions, and can get you through most of the build process.  When I built mine, I used the manual extensively I also followed along to Rui Raptor’s and ArcadEd’s videos.  Since I built mine, there are other build videos, and Rui Raptor has done a new one that is linked from the Tevo Support site.  

Now, I am going to include a couple of links to other pages.  

Here are some of the gotchas that I ran into, when building my printer:  
Next, Russell Boutell also has some great advice for putting together a new printer.  This links back to his post on the Facebook Group.

Finally, there is Bryan Michenfelder’s great documentation with some troubleshooting for when you try to print.

Note: The extruder motor will not run until the hot end is up to temp.

Here are the “official” build guides from Tevo.

Here are additional videos people have created for the Tevo Tarantula build: 

Maker Farm’s Tarantula Build Playlist: 

ArcadEd’s Assembly Playlist:


Rui Rpator’s Assembly Videos:

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