2019 sees the second 3Dmeetupuk convention taking place after great success last year! Taking place on Saturday 18th May and Sunday 19th May, there will be two days of 3D printing action!

3DMeetupuk – Who is going to be there?

Here are a few of the sponsors appearing at 3Dmeetupuk…

Duet3D – Based in Peterborough, Duet3D design and manufacture Duet printing electronics. They are committed to opensource hardware — creators of the Duet 2 Wifi 3d printer controller.

Emvio Engineering – Founded in 2014, Emvio Engineering works on the design of machines and importing of motion control and automation products. In 2016 they entered the 3D Printing market with Igus bearings, their brand dampers and BCn3D products.

E3D-Online – E3D has become synonymous with quality and reliability, leading the market with their modular V6 high-performance HotEnd. From being found in 2012 starting with only two people, today they are now a strong team of nearly 30!

Ooznest – Ooznest is the brainchild of Cambridge graduate Ryan Lock, a man who was fascinated by 3D printing technology right from the moment it hit the airwaves. He saw the potential right away and set about making this scary-sounding idea more accessible for everyone. From the smallest enthusiast through to high-end manufacturing, Ryan believes that 3D printing and the maker movement is the future.


3DPrintz – This company’s filament is fantastic a wide range of PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU with some tremendous unique colours, and exotic for example colour changing filament.

ScaldaYT – Never heard of these guys before after looking up about them I see they do 3D Mystery boxes Each mystery box contains 4 filament samples at 20 meter lengths also one additional item and on top of that one subscriber each month will get there “Lucky Block Box” maybe this could be something to keep an eye on

KariLawler – Been a busy start of the year for this maker A spokes Person on TEDx and many other things

Backface – Three services they offer are 3D printing 3D scanning, and the one I like is 3D figures yes that right makes you into a 3D figure now this would be something exciting to see


Claybot – Now what I have seen these guys are into clay and 3d printing and bringing them both together you need to have a look at there website to see all that they do

C.R.T – As their name says Computers Reviews Technology I had a quick look at there youtube channel and by the looks of it this guy is a maker and loves technology especially 3d printing have a look at there videos on technology

DiceyTech – Education these guys care a lot about education supporting students to develop skills for the future of work and to top it off they do events and workshops did I already say to top it off ok I will repeat it to top it off they also have a 3d printer of their QB 3D Printer

FizzPOP – These guys are a maker space in Birmingham with a lot of exciting equipment to name a few of the big machines

  • Laser cutter 580mm x 400mm bed with max 6mm cut capacity in wood or plastics
  • CNC Router 1320 x 1275 x 65mm working area
  • Stratasys 3D Printer
  • Roland Picza LXP-600 3D Laser Scanner
  • Roland Picza PIX-3 3D Probe Digitiser

What is happening at 3Dmeetupuk?

Throughout the two days, you will be able to see current and future 3D technologies, samples of filament, get a look and feel for 3D printers, talks and workshops and also learn from those showcasing. For an updated list of the talks/workshops, you can check that out here.

Where is it?

3Dmeetupuk is being held at the BOM in Birmingham, which is just less than one minute’s walk from New Street Station and the Bullring.

Where can I get tickets for 3dmeetupuk?

You can buy tickets for the 3Dmeetupuk from Eventbrite, and at a low price too*!

  • Weekend Ticket – £10.19
  • Single day ticket – £5.86
  • Children’s ticket – £4.80

You can purchase your tickets from Eventbrite directly by clicking below.


*Ticket prices correct at time of posting. Subject to change

Who can I contact?

To find out more information on visiting, or even sponsoring the event, you can use 3dmeetupuk’s social media channels.

Let’s hope this will be a great success as with each success it will bring bigger and better things!

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