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2nd Dynasty
This is a 3D Modeler turned terrain maker. His first Kickstarter consisted of Sci-Fi tiles.
Arid Hills Gaming
At Arid Hills Gaming we aim to provide you, the gamer with the tools to create truly memorable gaming experiences. We also know that whilst tools are important, they’re not as important as the finished product. That’s why we emphasize simplicity of use in our products, so that you can spend more time on that memorable session.
Arid Hills Gaming on RPG Now
Axolote Gaming
3d printing scenery and tiles for rpg and wargames.
Axolote on Drivethru RPG
Axolote on Facebook
Corvus Games Terrain
Maker of sci-fi tiles.
Dragon Workshop / Christ Hunt
Dragon Workshop has released their first Kickstarter for a massive modular ship.
Dragon Workshop on Thingiverse
Backer Kit / Pre-orders
Dragon Workshop on Etsy
Dunkley Designs
From Kickstarter: I’m a high school teacher and an amateur author. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy writing books and designing 3D scenery to use with tabletop RPG’s like D&D.
Epic Gaming Tiles (Dungeon & Sci-Fi)
Epic Dungeon Tiles offers OpenLOCK compatible fantasy dungeon tiles and fantasy traps for your 3D printer. There is a new kickstarter that adds sci-fi to the mix.
Game Decor
Dungeon works is a Dungeon Tile Company
Game Decor on Facebook
Hayland Wargaming & Terrain / John Haywood
28mm Modular Buildings Is our latest Kickstarter, Providing you with Modern, Western, Steampunk & Wasteland Modular Buildings Using the OpenLOCK Connecting system for 3d printing. Hayland also makes a bunch of different tiles and scatter terrain as well as Gaslands Car parts. It covers pretty much all genres.
Hayland on Facebook
Hite Studios
Hite Studios is making their first terrain Kickstarter featuring the bio Craft. It’s a sci-fi based tile dungeon.
Hite Studios
Kraken’s 3D Print Workshop
3D printable accessories for wargames and tabletop games by Luther Blissett.
Lunesdargent Workshop
Creators of dungeon tiles. Their first Kickstarter features Egyptian Themed tiles.
Kickstarter Page
Open Forge – Devon Jones
With the OpenForge project, I’ve created hundreds of 3D-printable tiles usable for tabletop gaming since 2013. These tiles allow gamemasters and war-gamers to create a nearly limitless number of scenarios. They are modular and compatible with a wide variety of tiles produced by several companies and individual makers. I create these tiles for my games and yours.

The tiles are 3D printable on your personal machine, and via Shapeways and many other 3D-printing services. The designs are free on Thingiverse. I release them under a permissive Creative Commons license that allows you to remix, release, share or even sell these tiles.
Devon Jones on Thingiverse
RPG Tools, LLC / Kevin Rau
Maker of a wide assortment of 3D models for fantasy games.