Who are SunLu?

SunLu is a company based in Zhuhai, China. They specialize in research, development, production, and sales of 3D printing consumables. Sunlu is one of the most professional manufacturers of 3D Printing products in China. So far has been focused on creating filaments and 3D printing pens, until now.

Here are some of there social media platforms.

Something New!

The company has been working on a new kind of product ready to release some time this year. So what have they been working on? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to receive some “not so public knowledge” about this new product. SunLu is planning to release a sunlu 3D printer, which isn’t really surprising considering how much other 3D printing products they make. From what I have seen about this 3D printer I have really high hopes for this printer and plan to get my hands on one.

At a glance

From the information, I have received the sunlu 3D printer looks really high quality. Shipped with everything needed for building, assembling and even to help with printing. The video shows a very simple assembly guide, cutting 3 zip ties, unfolding the frame and using some screws its setup. It also shows the printer with a glass bed. Whether it will be shipped with one I do not know, but if SunLu plans to ship with one it could make for a great printer for beginners. They also show a bed leveling program built into the firmware that automatically moved the nozzle to the correct corners and walks the user through how to level the bed correctly.

SunLu Printer Accessories
SunLu Printer


The Specifications

Unfortunately, they have not shown any specifications about the printer to the public. However, They have released the bed size which is 310x310x400(mm). I did, however, find this list below from one of there videos.

SunLu Printer Specs

Hands-on Review

SunLu has not yet confirmed the date of release or set price and hasn’t decided on review models. However, we here at Inov3D like to bring you only the best! So when does open this printer to the public we can assure you we will try our best to get all the information to you.

Other Products from SunLu

In the meantime, while we wait for them to release their new printer, learn more about some of there other products Inov3D has reviewed!


Here is a list of filaments we have bought and reviewed from the manufacturer

Sunlu Transparent PLA by 3D Printing Bird Printing with colorful filament is great, isn’t it? So many bright and wonderful colors to choose from, but how about transparent PLA+ filament? I am using Transparent PLA+ filament for this review.

3D Printing Pens:

Sunlu also manufactures 3D printing pens, some people here at inov3d have used and reviewed some of these. Below are the links to the review articles.

SL-400A by MakersMeltdown The SunLu SL400A Intelligent 3D pen has been placed in my hands for another honest review. The Sunlu M1 3D pen that I reviewed was pretty darn good for a 3D Pen, but will the SL400A be just as good?.

Sunlu M1 3D Pen Review! by MakersMeltdown The M1 Intelligent 3D pen (model M1) We all know that the Sunlu Filament is amazing, but is their hardware just as reliable?.

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