St. Patrick’s Day 3D Prints, Get Irish!

Hey all!  This weekend is Saint Patrick’s day.  We here at Inov3D are kicking it off in style by showing off some Irish inspired prints!  Join in on the fun and print some of these Saint Patrick’s Day models!

William Donald and Lynne Stewart

William Donald and Lynne Stewart printed a number of things on their Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus.  They printed this Irish Pot of Gold, Fancy St. Patrick’s Day Mustache and Luck of the Irish stand in Sunlu Green PLA+.

William Saunders Sr.

William Saunders Sr. also printed some St. Patrick’s Day things in Sunlu Green PLA+!  He decided to switched it up and printed a St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cutter, a St. Patrick’s Day pendant, and a Holiday Shamrock.  All of these were printed on his new Artillery3D SideWinder X1!  Stay tuned for some more articles on this printer!

Andrew DeLisle

Andrew DeLisle printed the same Irish Pot of Gold that William and Lynne printed, although this was in WYZWorks Black PETG and on his Tevo Black Widow.  He also printed a St. Patty’s Clover Vase in Sunlu Green PLA+ on his Black Widow.  Just for good measure, he reprinted the Irish Pot of Gold in Eryone Silk Gold on his Tevo Tornado.  Somewhere along the line, the hotend jammed.  The Tornado has been outfitted with a Stinger2 hotend chassis for an upcoming review!

Join the fun and share some of your St. Patty’s Day prints!

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