Artillery 3D Sidewinder X1 First Impressions

I just received the Sidewinder X1 from Artillery 3D earlier this week.  First, I wanted to give my first impressions on the Sidewinder X1.  Later, I will be writing a full fledged review.

Packaging and Setup

I will be going into more depth on my final review of the printer.  Overall, the packaging is top-notch.  I could drop this off a freight truck and there would not be any damage to the printer.  We all know how important this is, as it is shipped from China and can take a lot of abuse.  Setup is very straight forward and takes about 15 minutes from unpacking to setting up.  The instructions are self-explanatory and easy to understand.  Furthermore, there is an accessory bag with some welcomed spare parts included with the Sidewinder X1 that we have not seen come with any other printer before.  More to come on the setup and what’s included in the review article.

Bed Leveling and Print Test

I heated the bed and adjusted the bed level knobs. Once I leveled the bed, I did a couple of test prints to get an idea of how well the bridging and overhangs are.  You can see the bridging and overhangs results below.  This is thanks to the blower fan and overhangs also maxed at 65°. I did not have any line or walls issues, but time will tell with more prints.

More prints to come with the final review, but everything is looking very promising on the Sidewinder X1.

Will this be my new go-to 3D printer and replace my old faithful CR-10s?

Is this the perfect 3D printer? We will see…

Initial Test Prints

Artillery 3D Offical Store

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