WOR The World of INFERNOInferno is the latest Kickstarter by Worlds Over Run Modeler, Eric Askue.  This one takes you into the hellscape known as Inferno.  Eric and the team were good enough to send over the Reaper for me to test print.  I printed it out on my Anycubic Photon.  It’s designed to be printed in FDM, so I had to scale it down to 80% to get it to fit on a resin printer, and it looks terrific.  Like previous Worlds Over Run offerings, these are unique and very thematic.  Another interesting aspect of this Kickstarter, is that you can order an upgraded Ender 3.  This is an Ender 3 that they will add several upgrades to, the only other two I would personally recommend is a printable board fan guard and get a Raspberry Pi to run Octoprint.  This is pretty much a perfect version of the Ender 3.  They will also offer Creality 3D Filament.  I haven’t seen a 3D Printable Terrain Kickstarter offering a printer in some time.  

Already this Kickstarter has reached over 1/3 of its stretch goals.  You get a number of amazing looking models, and the ability to pick up previous Kickstarter catalogs as add-ons as well.  They say if you are going through hell, keep going.  With Inferno, take your time and enjoy the journey.


  • Worlds Over Run: Inferno - The ReaperIn the past, you have been a one-man show.  This latest Kickstarter is a collaboration between several people.  Can you tell us more about yourself and the other people on your team?

    • Sure thing Kevin, I’ve had more than a few people reach out to work with me. But I keep a close circle of peers and most of them are highly trained and experienced in making 3D assets, working with printers, and or craftsmen. Each member of the team has unique skill sets that help with production. Being the lead artist and designer, hell even visionary means there is a lot to do to build a product. With a team more of the tasks can be distributed so that the whole thing isn’t on my shoulders. A good example of this is test printing, James keeps track of small edits in the test prints and then we build a checklist of changes. This means that as we produce assets we can be more daring in the design and we don’t have to make corrective updates for our product.
  • How long have you been in the 3D Printing Industry?

    • That would be about eight years or so, when I was teaching at University I had access to 3D printers and was into toy making already. Before that, I was doing a lot of it with clay and silicone molds. We also didn’t have access to FDM or SLA printers instead we have what was referred to as “binder Jetting” which is a powder and a binder. This was one of the first methods to print with color, but that gimmick doesn’t overcome a lot of the issues with the powder matrix. It’s really messy, fragile, fussy printers. and the prints were really poor quality until you made them a good size like half a human head. But being one of the first plus what Gentle giant did with it made 3D printing shoot to the forefront of peoples mins in the late aughts and early teens.
  • What printers do you use to print terrain?

    • Well, we have access to CR-10s’s and Ender3 but there are more and each of the machines are used to test different things. For production, it’s mostly the first two.
  • What got you interested in modeling 3D Terrain for print? What was your first model?

    • In a word “Miniatures”. I love film and video games and tabletop as well. But when I’m thinking about the space I want a cinematic landscape. I wanted to be engaged by the location, and I wanted to see it come to life. So with some poking from my boss, I started working on it. If I was making a film this is how I would make the miniatures for that film and it would be even more outlandish than what I’m making now.
  • WOR The World of INFERNO-FloatinDo you have a favorite model you have created?

    • There is always your first success, and your first “I overcame that challenge” most of the models have something in them that I really enjoy, or enjoy to hate.
  • After having had a string of successful Kickstarters, what is your goal for this Kickstarter?

    • This Kickstarter has a lot of goals. one is to get more printers out there and grow our community. Another is getting inexpensive filament into the hands of our community. The current price hicks on filament are really unacceptable. But INFERNO has been on the design books since early 2018, I knew I was going to do it. I wanted something like I haven’t seen before. like Hell razor, or Constantine, or the work of so many artists. But Pompey was a big influence and we referenced the images from there a lot and even the current eruption on the Hawaiian islands. kazadoom!
  • How long have you been working on this new Kickstarter?

    • That depends on when you think the work started, did it start back in 1Q 2018 or did it start in Jan 2019? It’s all perspective.
  • How has your workflow changed with experience?

    • I delegate more tasks, and our product list for this Kickstarter is daunting. But the thing that helps is it is a production. Everything has to go fast and everything has to meet established check offs and quality marks. There isn’t time to mess around.
  • WOR The World of INFERNO-Lava FallsWhat cons do you plan on attending this year, so people can see more of your work in person?

    • Well, we have a table at Adepticon so that should be good. There are three others that we’ve lined up but since plans change I’m not going to mention them at this time.
  • What is the vision behind this latest Kickstarter?

    • If I was to say there is a vision it would be that this is a hellish place without a safe zone. the ground is lava, everything is burnt, and you have no place to hide.

I’d like to thank Eric for taking time out of his busy schedule for talking to me about his latest modeling project.  Inferno looks like another awesome addition to the Worlds Over Run lineup.  His unique vision means you won’t see anything else like it out there, and his expertise means it will print well.  This is also a good deal on a nicely upgraded 3D Printer if you are looking to get a new 3D Printer or pick up a second or third one.  Check out the Inferno Kickstarter now.