About EasyThreed

Shenzhen EasyThreed Technology Co., Ltd is a company founded in November 2015 by three members, who are: River Long,  Kat Gong & Gary Zhang.

Based in Shenzhen, China, EasyThreed has 30 employees in the workforce working on a wide range of 3D printers and 3D printer filament.

They are a state of the art 3D printer manufacturer with the view on empowering organizations and industries with 3D printing technology. With their pioneering research and development in China’s 3D desktop printing industry, they develop some of the most cost effective and productive 3D printing technologies.

The Printers

There are currently have a range of seven 3D printers and currently two in the testing phase.  Some of the names of these printers are of cartoon character names and planets.  The reason for naming them this way is that they are easy to remember!  Here is a list of the EasyThreed printer names.


All are FDM printers with an enclosed box design apart from the Mercury and Mars that have a different design.

I am due to receive the Nano soon at the time of writing this, so keep an eye out for a future review!  Scott Masson is currently working on a review of the Dora.

Printer Filament

There isn’t much information on the printer filament they produce.  On the site, they list ABS, PLA & Wood.

Where Can I Buy EasyThreed?

If you’d like to purchase an EasyThreed printer or filament, there are many sources available as below:

The Future?

This year, EasyThreed is planning to release a new product.  However, I currently have no more information on this.

When asked how they see the future of 3D printing, they said that 3D printing will be everywhere in our future life.

Social Media Channels

EasyThreed has social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Why not give them a shout to say ‘hello’ and learn more about what they have to offer!

You can also contact River Long from Easythreed via email

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