MakerPi K5 Plus was the latest product in 2018. The size of the machine is usually around 500*400*400 mm. It has a significant building volume of 300*200*200 mm. Also, the use of Space is up to 15 per cent.

For enhancing the compatibility of the material, there is a support of printing high temperature up to 280 degree Celsius. Besides, there is a decreased probability of plug. Also, it does not require PTFE tube as it is a direct setup. Usually, it has a nozzle made up of pure metal. For its maintenance, it has clip-on easy for substituting the design.

Features of MakerPi K5 Plus

  • There is a nozzle made up of full metal, suitable for different kinds of filaments.
  • Whenever the filament run-out or break, alarm rings.
  • For optimising the traditional manual levelling, there is a quick levelling.
  • A feature of the power-off resume is present. Therefore, it remains to print after you continue the power again.
  • Moisture-proof, dust-proof, easy to use as well as a hidden material design frame.
  • Wireless monitoring, Wi-Fi connect
  • It is also free to open the top cover
  • Build-in LED lighting is present
  • High definition camera and best monitoring device
  • Through the PC terminal, various devices can be monitored at once

MakerPi K5 Plus: Desktop 3D Printer With Camera
MakerPi K5 Plus: Desktop 3D Printer With Camera
MakerPi K5 Plus: Desktop 3D Printer With Camera

Specifications of MakerPi K5 Plus

  • Size of MakerPi K5 Plus machine 540*415*415 mm
  • Size of printing 300*200*200 mm
  • Touch Screen Panel 4.3 inch
  • Size of package 610*510*525 mm
  • The diameter of filament 1.75 mm
  • The thickness of layers 0.05 to 0.3 mm
  • Maximum Speed of Printing 250 mm/s
  • Diameter of nozzle 0.88 mm/0.4 mm/0.2 mm
  • Supporting Material PC, PA, PETG, PHA, TPU, ABS, or PLS
  • File format PNG, JPG, Gcode, OBJ, or STL
  • Maximum or average power 200 W/ 100 W

Quick Replace Nozzle

There is a fast replace extrusion head,  simply easy to manage and portable, it is normally safe to remove the possibility of magnetic pull. There is an effective cooling design of channel, efficient for dissipating heat to minimise plugging. And, there are different sizes of nozzle diameters present for support such as 0.8 mm/ 0.4 mm/ 0.2 mm.

HD Camera Devices, Easy to Monitor the Printing Process

The MakerPi K5 Plus machine consists of a 120-degree camera angle. Through the PC, there is hexagonal monitoring. You can easily monitor the process of printing while doing as well as working on several things. Check out the timely process of printing if it is working normally; therefore, no need to go in front of the machine.

Glass platform easy to replace

The thin heating bed can be quickly heated up to 120 degree Celsius. Hence, it is efficient to heat. The glass platform is particularly best to avoid warping edge. It has a long service life, and it has the features of heating equally in all directions. There is a user-friendly along with stable drawer type. Easy for users to remove or replace different models of printing.

WiFi Connection

Wi-Fi can be easily connected to multiple devices at the same time. Meanwhile, users can regulate the process of printing via computer and mobile phone. Hence, it is controlled to stop and maintain the process of printing. Well! In addition to these, MakerPi K5 Plus also has a removable lid to meet the requirements of temperature. 

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