We all know Creality, its hard to be part of the 3D printing community without being exposed to their products such as the highly successful CR10 and Ender ranges of 3D Printers, often a Creality product can be the first stepping stone into 3D Printing. Creality is again leading the market with the release of the Creality 3D Scanner. Currently priced at $999 from Crealitys web store it boasts an impressive technical specification. It runs on Android 7.0 as its OS offering the user an easy to use and a well-knowen interface.

Beauty and Brains? – Creality 3D Scanner Specifications

Creality 3D Scanner - Must have or Gimmick? Physically resembling many other Android tablets on the market, the Creality 3D Scanner has a built-in 7″ 2K touchscreen. Surrounded by a robust brushed Aluminium frame, this makes for an attractive, yet powerful compact device. A nice feature is a 1080P projector giving the ability for stunning visuals without the need to crowd one device.

The scanner comprises of a 2Ghz 6 Core ARM Processor, on-board storage of 32 or 64GB in addition to a rechargeable 6200mAH battery meaning the whole package weighs in at a featherweight 520G.

It uses a 2-minute rotation of its Bluetooth controlled turntable which boasts a capacity of 300x200x250mm. The scanner captures the subject with multiple still images using its 13 million pixels 24bit RGB Dual cameras, of which have a 0.1mm accuracy. With the photos meshed together, this then forms the 3D representation.

The Creality 3D scanner, itself does all this by removing the need for leads to a PC or Laptop and by not using cloud computing the need for a constant internet connection is removed.

Ease of use… it’s Android

Creality 3D Scanner - Must have or Gimmick? From what I have been able to see online and what Creality have released,  the interface seems very intuitive and easy to use. The Creality 3D Scanner release video which is linked Here,

I would imagine that with all such devices, there will be a bit of a learning curve. Without the opportunity to try the Creality 3D scanner, I cannot comment on how easy to use the interface is.

Final thought

Professional uses for the Creality 3D Scanner are many, ranging from the student to the engineer or Architect. We will have to see if the home market has pockets deep enough for Crealitys latest offering…

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