The Austin man, Cody Wilson, is the man who glowed a national legal fight over the constitutionality of weapons made of a 3D printer. On Friday, he pleaded guilty for having sex with a girls 16 years of age last year.

All About Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson is a gun-rights activist, free-market anarchist, and a crypto-anarchist. He is famous for being the former director and founder of a non-profit firm, Defense Distributed.  He makes and publishes different designs of guns. These guns are famous as wiki weapons. They are best for digital manufacturing and 3D printing. Wilson is also the co-founder of the bitcoin storage technology.

Through a plea agreement of Wilson’s lawyers with the prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to harming a child in return for an optional sentence. That will take him out of prison but still, needs him for registering as a sex offender for almost seven years. Last year, Cody Wilson surrendered his weapons after he released from jail on bond. He will not take a gun while on probation.

What District Judge Advised Cody Wilson?

Cody Wilson then appeared before Brad Urrutia, a state District Judge. He was wearing a grey suit that day and took two of his lawyers with him. The judge asked for an investigation report. With that report, the judge will move towards making a decision. 

If Wilson accepts all the probation conditions, the court will not find him as guilty. And he will not be sentenced to the charge. Outside the courtroom, Cody Wilson refused to comment through his attorney. Prosecutors state that Wilson set up a meeting with a teen girl in 2018 September. He connected with her on, a dating site.

Last Year’s Story

According to the arrest affidavit, Cody Wilson met the girl in the parking place of a coffee shop. Then, he took her to the hotel and had sex with her. The teen girl said that Wilson paid her 500 dollars. F. Andino Reynal of Houston was the defence attorney of Wilson. He informed American Statesman previously that Wilson thought that the girl was a compliant adult. 

Cody Wilson said this because the site, needs the users to indicate that they are at least 18 before they can sign up for making an account. The age of consent is 17 in Texas. Wilson was a student of a Texas university. He dropped out, and he then initiated his own company, Defense Distributed, where he gave online directions for the construction of plastic guns with a 3D printer.

August 2018

In August 2018, a judge ruled in favour of Washington, D.C and 19 other states. He abandoned the firm from posting the directions. He did it because all the information was accessible for free download. Then, the company initiated selling the instructions at the “name your own” cost. After his tour abroad, Cody Wilson arrested in Taiwan, Taipei. After his arrest, he resigned from Defense Distributed. 

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