Update: Terrain 4 Print is now on Patreon

You can now help Markus Kraus release more terrain for us all to put on our gaming tables.  Terrain 4 Print is now on Patreon.  Along with this, he has released a new set of desert buildings that would also fit perfectly into a Star Wars Legion game. 

Terrain 4 Print moving to Patreon

This is pretty big news, that I believe will be great for the 3D Printable Terrain community.  Markus Kraus, the man behind Terrain 4 Print has made an announcement letting us know that he is moving his efforts to Patreon.  He has had a successful Kickstarter and there has been interest in his other models he has produced, but this is a big change for him.  He explains his reasons, which seems like a positive step for the community, as well as himself.  I always like to see those win-win situations.  We get more terrain, with some feedback, for a low price, and hopefully, the community in return gives him broad support.  In my first “Top 5” favorites his terrain was on 2 spots on the list. I am really hoping our community steps up and helps him out in this. 

As of this writing, check out his latest work on Thingiverse – Rock Formations


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