With thanks to the following sponsors, E3D-online, Duet3D, Ooznest, 3DPrintz, Eryone & inov3d we have been able to create The ManCave UK 3D Printer, which is also known as “The Big Build” project!

our sponsers for this build

What is it all about?

The printing world has become saturated these days with cloned printers and components which some are good and some can leave disastrous effects.

 This leads up to my question numerous times on social media – “Do all these cheap components and printers come at a cost to the consumer?”

I am not against printers and components from around the world. There is truly some great things out there but there is some garbage too.

I don’t believe in the old saying “You get what you pay for” shouldn’t be used no matter what the cost.

It should meet the standards, just like our conditions and regulations in the UK and other EU countries.

3D Printers seem to be more frequently made in factories by staff that don’t have time to take care of the job at hand, due to having to make certain deadlines. 

So the idea came about to make our own…

The Big Build was born!

Our goal is to build a UK supplied and fully built 3D Printer.


  Quality components that are built with care and checked to ensure all is secure and tested before shipping.

Maybe this will happen, Time will tell.

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