Over five developmental years, makeup 3D printer that is involved in making 3D print makeups from pictures is present for pre-order. The co-founder and CEO of Mink Beauty are Grace Choi. The CEO talked about the first portable 3D printer in 2014. Meanwhile, the group of Mink Beauty has been working for the development of machine and today, carrying it to the multitudes.

Now, you can easily preorder The Mink from the website of Mink Beauty. Through pre-order, people can save 100 dollars. Therefore, it reduces the price to 295 dollars. The product page shows that The Mink can fit any picture into the makeup which can be wearable.

In a press release, Choi said: “The content of beauty remains moving to digital. It moves away from traditional print and TV. People can shift these pictures for stimulation. Thus, making a chance to control the colour data of the image and change it into a somatic makeup. Finally, I am excited to share the experience of Mink with every individual”.

Makeup 3D Printer Mink is Present for Pre-order
Makeup 3D Printer Mink is Present for Pre-order
Makeup 3D Printer Mink is Present for Pre-order
Makeup 3D Printer Mink is Present for Pre-order

Makeup 3D Printer: New Routine of Makeup

The weight of the printer is only 2.2 lbs. For the purpose of using it, you can easily download the app of Mink. Start importing your favourite image from your camera roll or Instagram.

Then, you select to print one colour or the complete image. The printer can make almost 16.7 million colours. Lastly, you can add a makeup sheet into the printer.

Your image is ready within 15 seconds. Hence, in this time, makeup can be done to your face from the print. When the image is printed with a makeup 3D printer, if you keep it covered in plastic, the pigments can remain for almost 2 weeks. The maker entitles that the machine is quite easy to use. Also, it is safe. Additionally, it utilizes the FDA approved cosmetic elements.

Maybe, this machine does not work best for the people who wear makeup daily. But, it is amazing for expert makeup artists. The artists have the availability to 16.7 million colours. They can press a button that can develop the industry. This machine decrease how may palettes of eyeshadow they need to carry with.

Anyhow, Choi stated previously that the target market for the machine is for the age groups of 13 to 21.

Makeup 3D Printer Mink is Present for Pre-order Pros of Makeup Printer

  • It is a great idea to duplicate long lasting and amazing shades of makeup with the makeup 3D printer. And, this machine creates a shade to match the lipstick, blush or shadow. You will fall in love with the colours on the fills on Instagram.
  • This machine is best whenever you are trying to find a foundation shade that suits your skin. If you want to match a photo of yourself, there is no need to walk to the make-up counter again.

A thing to remember:

Until fall 2020, it will not be delivered. But now makeup 3D printer is present for pre-ordering.


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