That’s a HUGE Duck!

The Great Duck Project was created as joint effort between two groups, The Maker Faire Westport and the Westport Sunrise Rotary club.  Mark Mathias, founder of the Maker Faire Westport, decided to use his 3D printers to put a spin on things.  In fact, the goal of The Great Duck Project is to complete a 6 foot tall 3D printed duck.  This project’s goal is to tie in art with The Great Duck Race fundraiser.  In short, the race will feature 3000 rubber ducks being released into the Saugatuck River!

Scaling and Cutting with LuBan!

3d duck-great duck
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I knew immediately after finding this posting in LuBan’s Facebook group  that this was exactly what LuBan had been created for.  Mark and his team used LuBan to scale and cut the duck model.  As a result, they transformed a simple duck model into a 6 foot tall giant with 476 pieces!  Mark partnered with Nick and Jesse from Green Farms Academy.  Green Farms Academy will receive, inspect and assemble the giant 3D printed duck.

Want to Help Out?

If you are interested in helping with the 3D printed duck, go here and fill out the web form to request a piece of the duck.  Print the part in PLA, PETG, or any other kind of rigid material.  In other words, make sure your piece is structurally sound and send it to:

Nicholas Iacobelli, Greens Farms Academy, 35 Beachside Ave, Westport, CT 06838 USA 

The due date for part arrival is April 1st, 2019.

Just the Beginning?

3d duck-part 208
Part 208 of The Great Duck Project

Will the Great Duck Project jump start a crowdbuilding revolution?  In other words, will any other groups use LuBan in a similar way?  The way this project blends technology, crowdsourcing, and art is pretty sweet.  Obviously, I can’t wait to see the completed giant 3D printed duck or other off shoots this project inspires.

Ultimately, after reading about the Great Duck Project, I decided to join.  I will be printing my part in 3D Hero Red PETG on my Tevo Tornado!  My next filament review will be on this filament!

Interested in trying LuBan for yourself?  So, go here to download it and be sure to read my Luban tutorial!


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