Here are other Tevo Tarantula and 3D printing resources: 

Tevo & Tevo Tarantula Specific resources:

TEVO Tarantula Prusa i3 Owners FB Page : This is probably the biggest support resource for Tarantula owners.  

Advanced Tevo Tarantula Users Group : Another Facebook Page for Tevo Tarantulas.

TEVO and 3D Printing Discord Server: Live Chat and voice communication.  

TEVO 3D Printers Forum : Great Forum for discussing TEVO Printers

Newbie TEVO Tarantula Guide : Help to build your Tarantula.  

TEVO Printers Wiki : Good resource for Tevo Printers.

TEVO Tarantula Wikia : Another Good resource for Tarantulas.

Tevo 3D Wiki : The newest Wiki for supporting the Tevo Tarantulas.

TEVO Tarantula Community Forum : Another community forum to discuss the Tarantula.

TEVO Owners Forum: Another newer forum for discussing all things Tevo 3D Printer.

TEVO Tarantula Owners Group on Thingiverse : This is the community for Tarantula owners, on Thingiverse. 

TEVO Tarantula sub Reddit : Discuss the Tarantula on Reddit.

Generic 3D Printing Resources: 

Rep Rap Wiki : This is the open source resource and community behind open, self replicating printers.  There are a lot of great resources here. 

Rep Rap Forums : This is the forums that go along with the Wiki Above.