This is a list of bookmarks I have saved, primarily Facebook Post links.  This is not the cleanest page, it was more for my use.  Thought others may find it useful.


3D Printing

Tevo 3D Printer FB Group


Wiring Connectors
Mihai Ciupitu – LOTS of upgrades

Build a Voltage Meter – Pretty nice addon
Upgrading Hot End
Connector Discussion
Hooking up Cooling Fan – Settings
Belt Tensioning Solutions
Ikea LACK tables
Linear Rail on the Y Axis
Installing Lights
Cura / S3D settings
Wiring Power supply – Lots of photos and additions
More on PSU Mods
Detailed Photos of Mods
Wiring TT – Lots of pics and stuff
Adding a Laser
Pulley installation stuff.
Banding Issues : Z-setup Stuff
Which Brackets to Print?
Mosfet Wiring – + print to house it.
Attaching Glass to BEd
Wiring Power Switch
Assembly Questions – Zaxis
Some Recommended Upgrades
Updating Marlin + adjusting stepping
Aluminum Heat Shield for Bed
Some Notes on soldering XT30 connectors
Photo: Cool green upgrade parts
The need for “overqualified” power supplies
Some Upgrades
Cura Settings
Light Weight Print Bed
Crimp vs Soldier
Tevo Upgrades – Not a bad list
Print Speeds
First Upgrades
Belt Driven Z axis
Seriously Awesome total conversion of a Tarantula


Setting Up Octopi
Setting up Users
Disconnects when viewed from Android
Set up Webcams
Set Up Dash Buttons to Pre-Heat Bed

Things to Print


A 3D Printed Sundial That Displays the Time in Digital Format Without the Use of Electronics

BGG – Blinging Table Top Games


Tevo 3D Printers Forums
Bits that you’ll need – 3DMiniPrints
Triffid Hunter’s Calibration Guide – RepRapWiki
Hot End Rework. J-Head, all metal hot end. 3D Printer. – YouTube
Hotend Rework 2 polish heat-break – YouTube
Adjusting Steps – Mainly about Z steps