This site uses Affiliate links to fund itself.

I wanted to write this page to give you my thoughts on Affiliate marketing, and how I earn money on this website.  For me, the website is something I enjoy doing.  I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge.  I really like 3D Printers and 3D Printing.  This isn’t my job though, this site, and 3D Printing is my hobby.  I have a normal job, actually two.  I make my money by doing IT work and Social Media/SEO type work for the company I work for.  I’ve been doing IT work professionally for 22 years.  To justify the amount of time this site takes, I like to make some money.  (Happy Wife, Happy Life).  I don’t get rich off affiliate links.  My view, is if you are going to order something anyhow, an affiliate link gives me a little money and doesn’t take anything from you, my visitor.   I have a deal with Gearbest and show off items I get from them, but I also receive items from manufcturers (Xplerland 3D Filament, Dikale Filament, East 3D, and Anycubic as of this writing).  

My customers, are you.  Not the 3D Printing companies, not the online stores.  If you don’t want to order from a store I link to, I don’t mind.  Having a website costs money.  I upgrade equipment to make a better product for you, and use affiliate links to defray the costs.  I have exactly one ad on my site.  It is a link to Amazon with a search term 3d printing.  I hate tons of ads, especially ones that don’t matter.  I have this one, because I believe it could possibly give you a good deal.  The one other item I do more of a sponsorship/ad model for, is Kickstarters.  If the Kickstarter is 3D Printing or 3D Printable Terrain related, I will do advertising, if, as a Kickstarter owner you are interested.  

I run this site as a labor of love.  I am a hobbyist.  This site helps defray my expenses to bring you interesting content.  You never have to use my affiliate links, but I really appreciate it when you do.  

If you ever want to support this site, and the content I create, you can click through any of these affiliate links, and your orders will give me a kickback, which I am eternally grateful for.

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Bangood  Gambody
3D Printer Universe  My Mini Factory

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