Short Description: We are a design studio with an emphasis on creative thinking. We are a successful and professional team with extensive experience in 3D modeling. We want to give you incredible, unique, and high-quality models for collecting, painting, and 3D printing so that your hobby life becomes more interesting and more fun.
Website: 3dartdigital
More Information: 3dartdigital on Instagram
3DBreed Miniatures
Short Description: Digital sculptors with several years of experience, specialized in miniatures for board games and wargames.
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Short Description: We are partners with a passion for 3D design and printing. We have been in the 3D printing and modeling business for over 7 combined years. As our own customers, we make models that we would want to use. You will always get good quality models from us, because we make them for us!
Aether Studios – Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter!
Short Description: Aether Studios has a very large catalog of 3D printable terrain available from Drivethru RPG.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Aether Studios on Drivethru RPG
More Information: Aether Studios on Instagram
Alario / William Touret
Short Description: He is creating a large amount of miniature bases based on the same look and feel.
Thingiverse Profile: Alario on Thingiverse
My Mini Factory Profile: Alario on My Mini Factory
More Information: Alario on CG Trader
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AntiMatter Games
Short Description: Antimatter Games is the company behind DeepWars and ShadowSea miniatures games. They have a number of resin models, but they also have a few terrain pieces for sale that are STL files.
Arcane Octopus Lab
Short Description: He creates Tabletop RPG terrain, STL files, miniatures, maps and more. He has a Patreon that is focused on gaming, but has a pretty wide swath of materials. He’s also doing something interesting and different. He is creating terrain from scratch (On YouTube) and then 3D scanning it for release.
Art of Mike
Short Description: Art of Mike is a Patreon that specializes in terrific looking sci-fi terrain, miniatures, and vehicles.
Short Description: They have a concentration on Warhammer 40K. With miniatures and Terrain for the game.
Website: Aus30K
Facebook Page: Aus30K on Facebook
Ben Komets
Short Description: My name is Ben Komets and I am a professional miniature artist based in Berlin, Germany.
YouTube Channel: : Ben Komets on Youtube
Patreon Site: Ben Komets on Patreon
Black Magic Craft – Youtube Channel
Short Description: Easy ass projects for tabletop gaming. We focus on terrain and dungeon tiles that have all the bad ass look and feel of 3D but with the playability of 2.5d.
Patreon Site: Patreon Page
Black Magic Pixels
Short Description: Their first release is a major High Elven inspired building set.
Brain Blinks / Don Whitaker
Short Description: I’m a 52 year old digital tinkerer living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, USA. I’ve been making things with computers for almost 40 years using every creative tool I can get my hands on. Now my designs are leaking into the real world via 3D printing.
Website: Brain Blinks
YouTube Channel: : Brain Blinks on YouTube
Brayan Nafarrate
Short Description: He is up to 5 Kickstarters covering a multitude of genres and types of models.
Thingiverse Profile: Brayan Nafarrate on Thingiverse
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Captain Carl
Short Description: Making an interesting new concept in vase mode scenery.