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Aether Studios – Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter!
Short Description: Aether Studios has a very large catalog of 3D printable terrain available from Drivethru RPG.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Aether Studios on Drivethru RPG
More Information: Aether Studios on Instagram
Wulfshéade Miniatures / Sean H Bullough
Short Description: I’ve done sculpting work for Games Workshop’s Forge World/Specialist Games ranges, Warlord games, Ghost Train Games, On The Lamb Games, Privateer Press, RAFM, Paymaster Games, Avatars of War, Kingsford Miniatures, Shieldwolf Miniatures, World’s End Publishing, Anti-Matter Games, DGS Games, Wartime Miniatures, Crossover Miniatures, Kabuki Models, Paulson Games, Battle Valor Games, Clearhorizon Miniatures, Loud Ninja Games, Kabuki Models, Zenit Miniatures, Cauldron Born Miniatures, Microworld Games, Outcast Miniatures and Soda Pop Miniatures.
Kickstarter: Sean on Kickstarter
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West Side
Short Description: He has a general hobby channel but his recent videos have been more 3D Printing orienting.
YouTube Channel: : West Side
Txarli Factory
Short Description: Txarli Factory has a number of items from battlemats to miniatures to wargames terrain.
Short Description: Our team consists of (currently four) tabletop enthusiast who love nerdy shit and supporting tabletop games with 3D printed extras!

Tom, Christopher and Monika are computer scientists and Leevke is our intermedia designer.
Website: Townsmith
More Information: Townsmith on Instagram
Tom Perrett
Short Description: I live and work in the UK, and in my free time (when I have any free time with a 1 year old daughter) I have a real passion for creating good stories and adventures.
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Thunderhead Studio
Short Description: So far, Thunderhead Studio seems to be working on Battletech. From maps and Terrain pieces to model variants.
The DM’s Craft – DM Scotty
Short Description: Videos to help Gamers make (inexpensive) tiles, set pieces and terrain for their table top games.
YouTube Channel: : DM Scotty's Videos
Patreon Site: DM Scotty's Patreon
Tabletop Minions
Short Description: Tabletop wargaming and miniatures hobby. This encompass pretty much everything. From awesome painting tutorials, to awesome scratch builds, to awesome 3D Printing builds. Everything he does is just Awesome. If you can’t tell, he is one of my favorite Youtube Gaming personalities.
YouTube Channel: : Tabletop Minons on YouTube
Short Description: Just a 3d modeller that loves to create models for ready print.
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Red Beard Baron
Short Description: A young father’s attempt to find stress relief by playing with toy soldiers.
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
Reaper’s Grimm Miniatures – Autumn
Short Description: Maker of 3D Printable terrain
Short Description: I’m self-taught in the area of 3D modelling and animation. Since the recent proliferation of affordable home 3D printing slicers, I’ve focused those skills towards making the best possible digital assets for tabletop gamers.
Panhandle 3d Printing / Greg_FL’s Youtube Channel
Short Description: Hobby Related talk and projects including: 3d Printing, 3d Dungeon Tiles, Printer and .Stl file reveiws. Plus Hirst Arts, Warmachine, Flames of War, board game reviews and terrain building