Michael Dayan
Short Description: The supporter of artists behind “The Mines” project
Captain Carl
Short Description: Making an interesting new concept in vase mode scenery.
Daryl Macleod
Short Description: His first release is a series of ruined WWII or modern buildings and some rubble piles.
YouTube Channel: : Daryl Macleod on YouTube
Long Description:


Short Description: Just a 3d modeller that loves to create models for ready print.
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Thunderhead Studio
Short Description: So far, Thunderhead Studio seems to be working on Battletech. From maps and Terrain pieces to model variants.
Arcane Octopus Lab
Short Description: He creates Tabletop RPG terrain, STL files, miniatures, maps and more. He has a Patreon that is focused on gaming, but has a pretty wide swath of materials. He’s also doing something interesting and different. He is creating terrain from scratch (On YouTube) and then 3D scanning it for release.
Tabletop Minions
Short Description: Tabletop wargaming and miniatures hobby. This encompass pretty much everything. From awesome painting tutorials, to awesome scratch builds, to awesome 3D Printing builds. Everything he does is just Awesome. If you can’t tell, he is one of my favorite Youtube Gaming personalities.
YouTube Channel: : Tabletop Minons on YouTube
Ben Komets
Short Description: My name is Ben Komets and I am a professional miniature artist based in Berlin, Germany.
YouTube Channel: : Ben Komets on Youtube
Patreon Site: Ben Komets on Patreon
Jack of Clubs Painting
Short Description: Painting tutorials and hobby guides for painting your wargame figures.
Next Level Painting
Short Description: Next Level Painting specializes in “do it your self tutorials” for hobbyists, role players, table top strategy gamers, & miniature war gamers. We focus on products like Warhammer 40, Infinity, Vallejo, Iwata, & Hobby Supplies. The host “Kenny Boucher” has a unique and laid-back approach to teaching both airbrush & paint brush techniques as well as general hobby tricks.
Short Description: We are partners with a passion for 3D design and printing. We have been in the 3D printing and modeling business for over 7 combined years. As our own customers, we make models that we would want to use. You will always get good quality models from us, because we make them for us!
Short Description: They have a concentration on Warhammer 40K. With miniatures and Terrain for the game.
Website: Aus30K
Facebook Page: Aus30K on Facebook
La boîte à rabiots
Short Description: He is creating terrain based off of the Dawn of War game.
Short Description: I’m self-taught in the area of 3D modelling and animation. Since the recent proliferation of affordable home 3D printing slicers, I’ve focused those skills towards making the best possible digital assets for tabletop gamers.
Tom Perrett
Short Description: I live and work in the UK, and in my free time (when I have any free time with a 1 year old daughter) I have a real passion for creating good stories and adventures.
Long Description: