Printable Scenery
Short Description: Great site for tons of scenery and tiles across all time frames and types.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Printable Scenery on DriveThru RPG
Facebook Page: Facebook Page
YouTube Channel: : Youtube
Kickstarter: Kickstarter
Thunder Chrome – Sci-Fi Printable Scenery
Short Description: Thunder Chrome has a number of buildings available for your post apocalyptic or Sci-Fi setting.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Thunder Chrome on Wargaming Vault
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Long Description:

Thunder Chrome – Sci-Fi Printable Scenery

Active Kickstarter: : Warlayer 4.0
Short Description: Sci-Fi scatter terrain for for your board.
Facebook Page: Warlayer on Facebook
YouTube Channel: : Andrew Askedall on Youtube
Thingiverse Profile: Warlayer on Thingiverse
Short Description: A complete range of STL-files of various Alsatian-style timbered buildings, printable on your 3D printer
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
Short Description: From his Kickstarter: Since 1998 I am in business making terrain for gamers and modellers.
Former in classic production of resin models, I started to create buildings as 3D models.
Kickstarter: Kickstarter Page
Eslo Terrain
Short Description: From Kickstarter:
For 16 years, I have been producing scenery, terrains and buildings for tabletop games and models in my company The production takes place on CNC milling machines and laser machines and for a year also on 3D printers. More than 700 products have already been designed by me.
Website: Eslo Website
Facebook Page: Eslo on Facebook
Kickstarter: Eslo on Kickstarter
Kraken’s 3D Print Workshop
Short Description: 3D printable accessories for wargames and tabletop games by Luther Blissett.
Don Stouffer
Short Description: Don creates Dungeon Tiles that are Open Lock compatible. He now creates buildings as well for fantasy villages.
Thingiverse Profile: Don Stouffer on Thingiverse
More Information: Don Stouffer on Instagram
Dark Realms Forge
Short Description: The theme behind this campaign is set in a medieval world, inspired by historic buildings and objects. This was his first Kickstarter
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Dark Realms on Drivethru RPG
Kickstarter: Dark Realms Forge
Thingiverse Profile: Dark Realms on Thingiverse
My Mini Factory Profile: Dark Realms on My Mini Factory
More Information: Dark Realms on Instagram
Short Description: Historical Scenery: 3d Printing Scenery aims to develop a simple and followed range of sceneries for historical wargame for many different periods.
Historical Scenery : 3d printing scenery
Aether Studios – Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter!
Short Description: Aether Studios has a very large catalog of 3D printable terrain available from Drivethru RPG.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Aether Studios on Drivethru RPG
More Information: Aether Studios on Instagram
Warlock 3D Models
Short Description: They make miniatures, buildings, and more. Science Fiction and Fantasy miniatures.
Daryl Macleod
Short Description: His first release is a series of ruined WWII or modern buildings and some rubble piles.
YouTube Channel: : Daryl Macleod on YouTube
Long Description:

Short Description: My name is Tatiana Haustein. I have graduated magistrate in restoration and reconstruction of the DGTY this year. Also, I’m a teacher of drawing school and I’m a member of Union of Artists of Russia. Moreover, I do 3d printing models and have a workshop wits 3d printers.
Long Description:

Forbidden Prints
Short Description: Designing 3d Printable terrain for tabletop RPGs and war games.
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