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Aether Studios – Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter!
Short Description: Aether Studios has a very large catalog of 3D printable terrain available from Drivethru RPG.
Vault Network (DriveThru RPG, RPG Vault, Wargame Vault, etc): Aether Studios on Drivethru RPG
More Information: Aether Studios on Instagram
Bad Tentacles / Worlds Over Run – WOR: Beast of Burden Kickstarter
Active Kickstarter: : WOR: Beast of Burden Kickstarter
Short Description: From The Kickstarter:
I am the lead artist for Haldane Creations & Bad Tentacles Studios together they bring you the WorldsOverRun terrain series.
Website: Bad Tentacles
YouTube Channel: : Worlds Over Run on YouTube.
More Information 2: Worlds Over Run Facebook Group
Mystic Realm – Act 3: Lolit the Mycelium Kingdom Kickstarter!
Short Description: Maker of scatter terrain for fantasy games, though some would work for modern caves/sewers as well. Check out their YouTube channel for videos on prepping and painting their files. (These videos would work for any natural terrain like this)
YouTube Channel: : Mystic Realms on YouTube
RM Printable Terrain – Arvalon 8 Kickstarter
Short Description: RM Printable Terrain has released their first set of terrain that is very fantasy centric. Beautifully looking ruins that look like they came right out of a book or video game. If you play any fantasy based game, you will want this terrain for your table.
Long Description:

3D Alien Worlds
Short Description: 3D Alien Worlds has a wide range of 3D Printable terrain. From the Samurai / Japanese themed buildings and terrain to Necron, to High Elves and soon to be some vehicles. He pretty much covers it all.
YouTube Channel: : 3D Alien Worlds on YouTube
3D Forge
Short Description: 3D Forge has a number of different pieces of scatter terrain for fantasy and science fiction wargames. Even Bloodbowl transportation bases. One of the more diverse Patreon creators out there, which is a bonus in my book.
Facebook Page: 3D Forge on Facebook.
Patreon Site: 3D Forge on Patreon
Short Description: From his Kickstarter: Since 1998 I am in business making terrain for gamers and modellers.
Former in classic production of resin models, I started to create buildings as 3D models.
Kickstarter: Kickstarter Page
3D Tabletop Models / Sean Creed
Short Description: Their first Kickstarter features a number of fantasy buildings for tabletop wargaming.
Short Description: Player and designer of printable decorations for games table, wargames and model making.
Long Description:

Short Description: A complete range of STL-files of various Alsatian-style timbered buildings, printable on your 3D printer
Kickstarter: Kickstarters
3DHexes Printable Tabletop Scenery
Short Description: 3DHexes is best known for their line of “Tangled Realm” scatter terrain. It is a kind of universal terrain that could be used in most settings. He’s also got a line of texture rollers for building scenery.
Website: 3DHexes
Facebook Page: 3DHexes on Facebook
Gumroad Profile: 3DHexes on Gumroad
Short Description: 3D Layer Scenery is making fantasy/medieval buildings.
Thingiverse Profile: 3DLayeredScenery on Thingiverse
Short Description: We are partners with a passion for 3D design and printing. We have been in the 3D printing and modeling business for over 7 combined years. As our own customers, we make models that we would want to use. You will always get good quality models from us, because we make them for us!
Short Description: 3DRune was created in 2019 on Patreon’s website to create a 3d terrain and printing accessories for wargames and board games.
Website: 3DRune
YouTube Channel: : 3DRune on YouTube
Patreon Site: 3DRune on Patreon
AGA Games – Chris Sheldon
Short Description: AGA Games creates scatter terrain for wargames.