Discussion Boards for 3D Printable Terrain and Miniatures

#1 – The Tabletop 3D Printing Guild
Short Description: The #1 3D Printing Terrain and Miniatures group on Facebook. Definitely start here.
3D Printed Terrain & Miniatures Group
Short Description: Page for the 3DP’d aspect of miniature wargaming.
3D Printing For Gaming Terrain
Short Description: This group is to talk about the use of 3D printers for RPG and wargaming terrain, showing pics of terrain and minis printed, and sharing information about OBJ/STL files and 3D modeling.
3D Printing Miniatures and Terrain
Short Description: This group is dedicated to all things D&D and Roleplaying games related for the purposes of 3D Printing.
3D Resin Printing for Enthusiasts, Model Makers and Miniature Gaming
Short Description: 3D Resin Printing technologies, Model Making and design for the enthusiast, Miniatures, terrain, jewelry making, industrial prototyping, and more.
3D-printed Board Games
Short Description: 3D-printed Board Games discussion group
Devious Dungeon’s Denizens
Short Description: A community page for miniature painters, terrain builders, mapmakers and tabletop gamers. Focused on growing the hobby and helping others develop skills and share ideas.
DungeonWorks Architects
Short Description: A group for sharing DungeonWork prints, tips, and tricks.
Fantasy RPG Terrain
Short Description: For discussion and sharing of ideas on using, building, and collecting miniature terrain for use in fantasy roleplaying games.
Short Description: Welcome to the OpenForge 2.0 discussion forum, where we talk about OpenForge gaming tiles, as well as other gaming tiles and terrain.