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Black Magic Craft – Youtube Channel
Easy ass projects for tabletop gaming. We focus on terrain and dungeon tiles that have all the bad ass look and feel of 3D but with the playability of 2.5d.
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Doctor Faust’s Painting Clinic
Everything you want to know about painting miniatures and building scale models.
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Greg_FL’s Youtube Channel
Hobby Related talk and projects including: 3d Printing, 3d Dungeon Tiles, Printer and .Stl file reveiws. Plus Hirst Arts, Warmachine, Flames of War, board game reviews and terrain building
Nillabean – Youtube Channel
Everything from 3d Printing to Lock Picking, Online and Retro Console Gaming and Mods, Table Top Gaming, Opinion Pieces and Product Reviews.
Red Beard Baron
A young father’s attempt to find stress relief by playing with toy soldiers.
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Sorastro’s Painting
This channel is currently focused on delivering high-quality miniature painting tutorials designed to help beginner to intermediate painters. I am currently producing a set of painting tutorials for Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars Imperial Assault along with some Descent 2nd Edition, Zombicide: Black Plague, and Blood Rage.
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The DM’s Craft – DM Scotty
Videos to help Gamers make (inexpensive) tiles, set pieces and terrain for their table top games.
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