star wars legion

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Corvus Games Terrain
Maker of sci-fi tiles.
GameMats sells Game Mats to play on and a number of STL files for various games including Star Wars Legion and other Sci-fi games.
GameMats on Facebook.
Gaming Terrain by Matt Mason
Awesome Star Wars Legion terrain for your gaming table. Matt is also the brains behind the Loot Box terrain on Thingiverse. His models are also very sci-fi looking beyond Star Wars specific.
Syllogy on Thingiverse
Imperial Terrain – Star Wars Legion Terrain Maker
Imperial Terrain makes awesome terrain for Star Wars Legion. Their tagline is Imperial Terrain – “Terrain for your Galactic Civil War”. This is the best site to find purely Imperial Assault Terrain. It also works for other Sci-Fi games as well. If you don’t own a printer, he also prints and ships pieces.
Imperial Terrain on Youtube
Youtube Review by StarRapter