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This is my account on Thingiverse. I curate several collections and try to add well-made models to the collections.
Dunkley Designs
From Kickstarter: I’m a high school teacher and an amateur author. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy writing books and designing 3D scenery to use with tabletop RPG’s like D&D.
Epic Dungeon Tiles
Epic Dungeon Tiles offers OpenLOCK compatible fantasy dungeon tiles and fantasy traps for your 3D printer.
Fat Dragon Games
From their Website: Fat Dragon Games has been in business since 2005, delivering the highest quality ‘print-and-play’ terrain for gamers for more than a decade.

Tile Connection Method: Dragon Lock
Fat Dragon Games on DriveThru RPG
Game Decor
Dungeon works is a Dungeon Tile Company
Game Decor on Facebook
Hero’s Horde – True Tiles
Hero’s Horde sells the Wyloch style Dungeon Tiles called True Tiles. These use a 1.25″ square and half-height walls.
Clip Method: Wall Clips
True Tiles
Lunesdargent Workshop
Creators of dungeon tiles. Their first Kickstarter features Egyptian Themed tiles.
Kickstarter Page
Nillabean – Youtube Channel
Everything from 3d Printing to Lock Picking, Online and Retro Console Gaming and Mods, Table Top Gaming, Opinion Pieces and Product Reviews.
Open Dungeon Tiles
Free Dungeon Tiles
Printable Scenery
Great site for tons of scenery and tiles across all time frames and types.
Printable Scenery on DriveThru RPG
Facebook Page
Rocket Pig Games
From their website: Rocket Pig Games offers top-quality .stl files for you to 3D print on your home 3D printer or to send off to get printed by a 3D printing service.

Tile system: Tilescape
Rocket Pig on Vault Network
Rocket Pig Youtube Channel
Squid-Inc Figurines
Recently released their first dungeon tile set that features an Egyptian theme. They produce other figurines fully printed and/or painted as well.
Squid-Inc on Facebook
Wyloch’s Crafting Vids
Wyloch has a wide assortment of videos showing how to create custom terrain and paint it. He also is the originator of the 1.25″ True Tiles tile format used by Hero’s Hoard
True Tiles
Support on Patreon
Wyloch's Armory
Wyloch's Crafting Vids