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3 Mates Games
3 Mates Game is starting out with a 3D Printable dice Tower
3 Mates Games
Greg_FL’s Youtube Channel
Hobby Related talk and projects including: 3d Printing, 3d Dungeon Tiles, Printer and .Stl file reveiws. Plus Hirst Arts, Warmachine, Flames of War, board game reviews and terrain building
Jay Adan – Miniature Painting
This is a terrific Youtube channel for those that print terrain, miniatures, and paint them. He has a playlist that is called the 3D Printed Gamer, and also has a number of miniature how-to’s plus other videos on other miniature topics
Jay Adan on Youtube
The 3D Printed Gamer
Nillabean – Youtube Channel
Everything from 3d Printing to Lock Picking, Online and Retro Console Gaming and Mods, Table Top Gaming, Opinion Pieces and Product Reviews.