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BCN3D – Maker of the Sigma, Ignis, Plus and R

BCN3D has a number of printers with different form factors.

Creality 3D – Maker of the CR-10 3D DIY printer kit.

Creality makes the CR-10 DIY printer kit.  It is fairly inexpensive, with a large print area.  I could not find a good URL for them.

East 3D has come out with their first printer, the Core XY based Gecko.
FlashForge – The maker of the Dreamer and the Creater

FlashForge is a mid-market printer manufacturer. 

LULZBOT – Maker of the Mini and Taz

LULZBOT is a maker of higher end printers.

Monoprice – The maker of the Select and Ultimate 3d Printer

The Monoprice creates a low-cost family of printers including the Maker Select and Maker Ultimate. 

Prusa Research – The maker of the Prusa I3

The Prusa is a popular printer that many others copy.  This is the genuine printer.  

Tevo – The maker of the Tarantula, Black Widow, and Little Monster
Tevo Printers

Tevo makes low-cost 3D printers for DIY kits.